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Did IZ Reloaded hide secret messages inside his LKY tweets?

Did IZ Reloaded hide secret messages inside his LKY tweets?

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Read how one bizarre hidden message in IZ Reloaded tweets is revealed.

Over the last couple of days, a Twitter user by the name of IZ Reloaded repeatedly sent out tweets suggesting that he had insider information into the well-being of Lee Kuan Yew, days before National Day on Aug. 9.

As his tweets grew more eccentric as NDP neared, he tweeted about being under a gag order and subsequently even made references to Batman.

However, New Nation did not buy the idea that this was the workings of a mad or lonely man.

We strongly believe he could well be Singapore’s very own Nostradamus.

So, to satisfy our curiosity, we assembled a team of 16 art experts and four psychiatrists to work on breaking the codex, as a surface and superficial reading of IZ Reloaded tweets will not bring any hard truths to light.

Drawing heavily on techniques pioneered by Nostradamus and The Da Vinci Code, we set to work against the clock for 24 hours before making our first breakthrough.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Our team of art experts and psychiatrists were told to pick the most memorable photo of Lee Kuan Yew. All 20 experts chose this book cover for two reasons. It was professionally shot and packaged, hence, abide by the Golden Mean Rule i.e. the 5:8 or 8:13 ratio, favoured by Nature and Leonardo Da Vinci:

2. The art experts were told to mark out how their eye moved across the subject of the picture. As was expected, it was dictated by the Golden Mean when we applied our rulers to take measurements. By removing the extra lines, we are left with the vital points in the picture that the eye flows:

3. But why did we start at such an awkward point on Lee Kuan Yew’s head? That’s because that is the exact point when we halve the picture (our minds unconsciously cuts spaces into halves):

4. Now take a look at this list of tweets by IZ Reloaded. They might just look like a bunch of tweets in quick succession to the naked eye. But if we ran our powerful computers through all the combinations of sequences of tweets and applied the precise flow points taken from LKY’s picture, we might just hit gold:

5. And lo and behold, we did:

6. If you read carefully the alphabets that are marked out at the tip of each arrow, this is what we get: idoanal

7. Once again, to the naked eye, this is just gibberish. But when we apply our powerful computers to add spacing to the alphabets, this is the secret IZ Reloaded message we got:

i do anal

8. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you should feel about the whole rumour thus far:

Update Aug. 10, 9:00 p.m. : This article has been blogged about by Mr Brown!

Successful NDP campaign was successful

Successful NDP campaign was successful

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You know a national day campaign has been successful when even the most anti-establishment website in town publishes a muted editorial about the greatly exaggerated demise of His Leeness and has yet to bash the PAP about it.

Internet chatter has been abuzz for a few days now since IZ Reloaded, a video producer at R3Load Network, tweeted about the fragility of what was formerly the most hated PAP man online.

Retweets and retweets about the retweets later, even a fruit seller at Tekka market got wind of the rumour that His Leeness — now according to unnamed RC members and not only the interwebs — was in fact dead and his body in deep freeze somewhere, waiting for the cabinet to announce the bad news after or during national day celebrations.

You’ve got to give it to this brother for creating suspense successfully (any ad agencies looking for campaign manager??). From a leak, he then tweeted about being under a gag order and even got a brainwave to throw some heroic imagery with a reference to Batman.

Closer to the parade, he continues teasing his audience about The Death by speculating about the dress code of the newscasters. Btw, thanks for retweeting us yah. 😉

And then the man himself appears.

And of course, the rumours came to bite him back in the arse.


The result? A successful NDP campaign and skyrocketing ratings for Mediacorp.

So if you find yourself kissing the portrait of His Leeness and yelling out “SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR FOUNDING FATHER, ASSHOLE!” to ill-informed netizens that missed out on this particular campaign, you know who to thank.

Update Aug. 10, 9:00 p.m. : This article has been blogged about by Mr Brown!