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PAP fields replacement candidate Ivana Lim

PAP fields replacement candidate Ivana Lim

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Only PAP knows where to find these people.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know an asshole when they come across one, have stopped in their tracks as they smell a rat.

This after the new PAP candidate Ivan Lim withdrew from this General Election after many people from all walks of life said he is an asshole in real life and not an angel in white who has been sent by the late Lee Kuan Yew (may god bless him) to save Singaporeans.

In his place, PAP will be fielding a replacement, Ivana Lim.

One Singaporean, Hu Lee Jin, said: “When one person say you are an asshole, it is easy to refute. When one dozen or more people say you are an asshole, it is definitely gone case.”

“I can sense this Ivana Lim is cut from the same cloth as Ivan Lim.”

“Somehow I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before.”

“Feels like I’m getting hoodwinked.”

Other locals said they recognise Ivana Lim, but cannot put a finger on where they have seen her before.

Another local, Zhen Mian Shan, said: “I feel like Ivana Lim was my camp mate, but that cannot be right, because women in Singapore don’t have to serve National Service or do reservist.”

“That other time I went to the shipyard and I saw this fellow looks like Ivana Lim but that cannot be right because shipyards are male-dominated industries.”

“I hope Masagos has inspected her background thoroughly.”

At press time, the GE poster printing factory is working overtime to write an extra “a” on election candidate materials that have already been printed.