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Wildlife Reserves Singapore CEO an expert at bridge-burning

Wildlife Reserves Singapore CEO an expert at bridge-burning

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Bridges connected to Singapore Polytechnic, public-at-large and Tony Tan charred, incinerated and scorched.

First, the newly-installed Wildlife Reserves Singapore CEO, Isabella Loh, announced that the award-winning, six-year-running Halloween Horrors event to be held on weekends between Sept. 30 and Oct. 30 at the Night Safari has been canned.

This move easily left 17 Singapore Polytechnic students fuming and motivated enough to tear their hair out because they spent the past seven months preparing for an event that isn’t going to happen.

This is besides the dozens of other students and hired hands who have auditioned, prepared and organised their way to what was to be a pagan-inspired scare fest meant to amount to some silly entertainment, photo opportunities, great memories and laughter.

And then to make matters worse, the plug was pulled without any apparent rhyme or reason. Two weeks before it was supposed to start.

So that means another 1,000 ticket holders are left holding junk, tearing their hair out too and eagerly seeking their refund. And they would have to fill in their emptied calender date with something else to do because now they cannot get the bejesus scared out of them just because someone at the top dictates that they can’t.

And they don’t even know why.

For the icing on the cake, Isabella quotes our newly elected president (who already has a hard time having won with the blessing of a minority, unpopular mandate) as saying that “the earlier comments made by the President that going forward, WRS parks should have more family-bonding and wholesome activities“.

This makes beleaguered Tony unwittingly sound as if he, as our elected head-of-state, has just overstepped his constitutional boundaries by straying beyond keeping our reserves safe and our civil service top-notch by making pronouncements about pagan-inspired entertainment.

Isabella, therefore, has apologised to Tony for linking his comments made during a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration last Sunday to the decision to cancel its popular Halloween event.

In the statement of apology, Isabella said: “I would like to re-emphasise that President had nothing to do with Wildlife Reserves Singapore decision to cancel Halloween Horrors. I would like to apologise for bringing in his comments from the Mid Autumn Festival ‘Moon Night’ celebrations into this issue.”

At press time, members of the enraged public are still baying for blood – on WRS Facebook page.

Talk about being a bona fide flame-thrower.