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S’pore suffers from leg drain

S’pore suffers from leg drain

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Footballing legend’s two sons head off to Spain for greener pitches.


Singapore footballing legend Fandi Ahmad’s two sons Ikhsan, 13, (left) and Irfan, 15, left Singapore on Monday for a three-month stint with Spanish club Hercules.

If it works out, they will be making arrangements to stay in Spain for a longer term by this September.

According to their mother, Wendy Jacobs, 39, the boys did not receive any financial aid from the Football Association of Singapore.

It is not known how much has been spent on the boys to go overseas to play.

But a source familiar with the cost of overseas education said that the boys’ school fees alone will cost $75,000 a year.

They have been chasing their dream of turning professional since 2008.

They have been to trials with Arsenal, Chelsea, Reading and AC Milan among other European clubs, but they didn’t work out due to work permit problems or education fees.

Regardless, they still look Cooler Than You.

(Notice how they won’t settle to play for the S-League? Says a lot about the Yeo’s league, doesn’t it?)