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HuffPost responds to Minister Chan Chun Sing: Chee’s 2 articles represent 0.0001% of content we publish a year

HuffPost responds to Minister Chan Chun Sing: Chee’s 2 articles represent 0.0001% of content we publish a year

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The website hits back.


In a sharply-worded statement, Huffington Post has responded to Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing.

This after Minister Chan chastised the publication in a statement on Jan. 15, 2015, for giving Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chee Soon Juan “considerable but undeserved attention and space” on their website.

Chee had previously written two articles for HuffPost, titled Without Freedom There is No Free Trade and Free the Singapore Media and Let the People Go, on Nov. 13, 2014 and Dec. 11, 2014 respectively.

In his diatribe against the website, Minister Chan also called Chee a “political failure” and insinuated he is not an honourable man.

In response, HuffPost replied Minister Chan by explaining that Chee’s contribution of two articles in reality made up only 0.0001% of content they published in any given year, and therefore, the accusation that he received undeserved space is uncalled for.

This is compounded by the fact that Chee’s articles were competing for eyeballs against cat videos and other shorter articles on HuffPost showing people face-planting that were more shareable in nature.

Moreover, as an American media, HuffPost said it is not up to them to judge people based on how well they did in life thus far, but what people can do to contribute to society in the future.

HuffPost then wrote that they would allow Minister Chan himself to contribute articles to them if he is so inclined to be heard on such a platform, but that time spent writing articles for a blog-like website might not justify his ministerial salary.

HuffPost then wrote: “We wonder how much did it cost taxpayers for Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong to write this article for The Straits Times?”


Singapore Democratic Party is famous enough for The New Paper it seems:

Opposition icon SDP shocked to be featured in TNP






50 reasons why Singapore is no Israel

50 reasons why Singapore is no Israel

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Basically, two words: Military. Women.

A certain nobody from Yale, going by the name of Jim Sleeper, wrote an inaccurate Puffington Host article drawing parallels between Singapore and Israel this week.

The article has since gone viral and received thousands of Shares and Likes on Facebook for being pig-headed, wrong and not even remotely funny.

Worse, it actually received a lot of well-meaning rebuttals from Singaporeans who like to put in time and effort to counter-argue against a troll.

However, for those without a single intellectual bone in their body, rest assured, all you have to know is this: Singapore is no Israel because in Israel, women serve in the military, where conscription is necessary, just because.

And the women serve in the military even if they are hot.

Known as Israel Defense Forces — one of the toughest in this galaxy — here are 50 reasons why Singapore is no Israel. And never will be.


#1 “Mummy, my bunk buddies all very friendly. Can I sign on?” – Overheard during first day of BMT.


#3 Wah reservist nights out!


#5 Yay! This week kenna confine again! Sign extra loh! YAY!!!

#6 Chao keng do clerk also shiok!

#7 Stomach in, chest out.

#8 Wah navy like that one ah?

#9 Yay! Outfield training! Need to share A frame with her!

#10 Military never standard issue bikini one.

#11 Who say emo hipster cannot join army?


#13 Shiok.

#14 Chest naturally out.

#15 My bunk buddies take care of each other very well. The eat, shower and sleep together.


# 17

#18 Lick, lick, lick.

#19 Giving you the Eh-don’t-chao-keng eyes.

#20 Low slung fatigue pants.

#21 Encouraging you to make love, not war.


#23 I will give all my blood for her.




#27 Y you so blonde?!

#28 Not surprised to find someone like her working in Zara on any given day.

#29 Eh speaking of Zara…


#31 I salute you too, cutie…

#32 All guys will sign on to protect this one. Confirm.

#33 And these three as well.

#34 Carrying things also look damn cute… wah lan eh


#36 Hipsters…

#37 Instagram worthy.

#38 How quaint.

#39 They make the worst part about outfield look so fun. And sensual.

#40 Hmmm…

#41 Doing push ups also so glamorous. Must be the hair.


#43 Awww friendship. I think…

#44 I tank I’m fabulous…






#50 Nuff said.