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WP fails to convince voters about honesty

WP fails to convince voters about honesty

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by A PAP supporter

I know I’ll get flamed for this, so I’m keeping myself anonymous from the trolls for now.

Our nation has been polarised by politics since the Hougang elections began. I hate that I have an opinion and a party I support. And I hate the people who hate me for loving the ruling party.

Yes, you heard right. I wish I was apathetic, because I can no longer speak my opinion without my fellow Singaporeans judging me, and without me thinking less of them when they don’t agree with how I validate my opinion.

Sounds confusing right? Yes, I wish the world was simple and everyone loved each other. Or if everyone just loved the PAP. Like me.

I don’t understand why people hate the ruling party so much. PAP has done so much for us over the years. Without the PAP, Singapore would not have emerged as the world’s foremost sports city from a sleepy little fishing village when Stamford Raffles arrived.

The WP on the other hand, has done nothing except make noise. Has any WP member ever served as Minister before? No. And this year we’ve learnt that they are a dishonest bunch as well.

Yaw Shin Leong NEVER came clean about his affair with the lady from his party, and Png Eng Huat first said he took out his name from the NCMP candidate list, then he said he didn’t, and made up some lame excuse about party protocol.

Lie means lie. Ok? Maybe coming clean might score you more points.

If we elect a dishonest person, AND let a dishonest party win 20% more share in parliament, this will only mean we’re down a slippery slope towards accepting corruption. First you lie about a small thing like NCMP candidacy, what next? You’ll lie about siphoning money from the national coffers.

We must be vigilant about men like this. The PAP took great pains to develop the nation and it is our responsibility, the people’s responsibility to make sure it stays together. We should never take the PAP’s rule for granted.

All that jeering during the WP rally, and all that online (misspelled) noise about DPM Teo speaks very lowly of WP supporters. Use your brain!  PM Teo had simply laid out these facts before the public. It is for the Hougang voters to reflect on what happened, and decide which candidate is better for Hougang.

Hougang does not belong to the WP, it belongs to Hougang’s residents. I hope they make the right choice and pick the candidate that has the most resources to serve your needs, and one with a clean track record.

Now the people of Hougang have a chance to make a fresh start, to vote in a PAP candidate who will work with the government to improve their lives. I hope Hougang voters seize this chance.