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S’pore to ban smoking at home

S’pore to ban smoking at home

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Each neighbourhood will have one designated yellow box to serve every 1,000 smokers.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe giving up their individual liberties until they have very little left but made to feel like things have progressed, are nodding their heads appreciatively.

This after they agree banning smoking in parks and reservoirs is the right thing to do and the next step the authorities must take is to ban smoking at home as well.

This means that no one is allowed to smoke indoors in one’s own house at any time of the day in a bid to make Singaporeans healthier and Singapore smoke-free.

But to cater to those who still want to puff their cancer sticks, each neighbourhood will have one designated yellow box in place to serve every 1,000 smokers.

A health authority, Sio Hoon Kee, said: “As there is only one designated smoking corner located at a different, non-permanent location each day in each neighbourhood, smokers will have to hike throughout their estate to find it.”

“This will greatly aid smokers in their exercise regime and ensure they at least get to break some sweat.”

Other locals said enforcement of this law is the key to prevent smokers from lighting up at home.

Another Singaporean, Bao Toh Kia, said: “The authorities will then have to hire more officers to be located in each and every household to conduct hourly spot checks.”

“This will greatly increase the number of public servants in Singapore and cut down on the unemployment rate.”







S’poreans react to audience member standing up to sing Home at National Day Rally 2015

S’poreans react to audience member standing up to sing Home at National Day Rally 2015

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


An audience member stood up to sing along to Kit Chan’s Home at the National Day Rally 2015.

She was later identified as Wu Jiezhen, 26, executive director of The Hidden Good, a social startup that aims to uncover and celebrate the good in Singapore and the community by hosting flashmobs and posting videos of volunteers and Singaporeans engaging in acts of kindness.

Wu said it is okay to be unapologetically enthusiastic about standing up for Singapore, which was the reason why she stood up to sing.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “No wonder Singapore’s GDP is stagnating at 2 percent per year because doing good was never a business.”
Zuo Shan Shi, 44-year-old charity worker


sian-half-uncle “People like her really make a mess out of the bell curve.”
Pu Tong Ren, 66-year-old average returns investor


happy-bird-girl “I wouldn’t mind standing up to sing but as long as it doesn’t scream wayang.”
Chang Guo Ge, 18-year-old KTV songstress










S’poreans upset Dick Lee’s 2015 NDP song ‘Our Singapore’ sounds nothing like 1998’s ‘Home’

S’poreans upset Dick Lee’s 2015 NDP song ‘Our Singapore’ sounds nothing like 1998’s ‘Home’

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The composer should push his creativity by coming up with something similar but different.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know that this is home, truly, where they know they must be, said they are upset and disappointed with Dick Lee’s latest effort at composing the 2015 national day theme song called Our Singapore.

This after Singaporeans said this new song sounds nothing like the composer’s 1998 classic national day song, Home, which was performed by Kit Chan and sang by millions of Singaporeans since who feel that it is the only national day song worth singing.

One Singaporean, Lai Chiu Kua, said: “This year is SG50 year, and honestly, I was looking forward to a national day song that sounds just like Home. ‘Whenever I am feeling low/ I look around me and I know’, that kind of thing.”

“Sadly, Our Singapore doesn’t quite sound like that. It is more of an ACS song with its ‘The Best Is Yet To Be’ line.”

“A bit elitist and subliminal, if you ask me.”

Other Singaporeans said they cannot understand why artistes take so much pride in not copying themselves or their previous work and demand to know why they cannot just give the people what they want by writing another song that sounds like Home, but that is still different.

Another Singaporean, Tan Gan Qing, said: “It seems like these artistes have a chip off their shoulder. They need to understand that the average Singaporean doesn’t care about artistic integrity or that kind of thing.”

“All people want is a song that sounds like Home. Just take the same bunch of chords and toss them up a little and get Kit Chan to sing it again.”

“No one will complain it sounds the same, because everyone, honestly, just want to sing Home all the time.”


Watch NDP 2015 Theme Song: Our Singapore (Live Performance by Dick Lee) here, which has so many down votes and has the comment section disabled


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