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Hiatus-triggered S’porean orders Malay nasi padang after 5 days of Chinese food

Hiatus-triggered S’porean orders Malay nasi padang after 5 days of Chinese food


Malay food encouraged to step up to the plate after five continuous days of absence.


A hiatus-triggered Singaporean man queued up for Malay nasi padang for lunch this afternoon to the applause of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are still seen as coming from different races despite being one united people.

The man, Jiak Cai Png, who had Chinese food the last five days before this meal, said: “According to my body’s constitution, when a type of food from any racial group has not occupied my stomach after five continuous days, the next meal will be reserved for a plate of that food from that racial group.”

“For this purpose, my body has categorised the relevant racial groups into three: Chinese, Malay and Indian and other communities.”

“This reserved meal on a Saturday will likely encourage food from that absent group to step forward and onto my plate.”

This rotation of meals based on race has been hailed as keeping the constitution of one’s body healthy.

A local doctor, Kua Nor Koon, said: “I noticed the man’s nasi padang consisted of beef rendang, bergedel and sambal kang kong, which is representative of Malay cuisine.”

“But Singaporeans are free to eat whatever meals they like. Some eat Western food all the time, some like roti prata for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.”

“Just let Singaporeans be. They know what is best for themselves.”

“No point dictating they must eat this, eat that. Later they still fall ill, how? Whose fault?”