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Massive jams on MCE justify need for at least 7 more ERP gantries

Massive jams on MCE justify need for at least 7 more ERP gantries

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This is to help ease conditions especially on days with heavy flow.


Singapore is looking into installing up to seven Electronic Road Pricing gantries along the Marina Coastal Expressway.

This is to help ease traffic flow after massive jams and bottlenecks occurred in the first two days the $4.3 billion MCE opened to the public three days ago.

However, Singapore has reassured drivers that the ERP prices will be adjusted according to traffic flow and costs incurred by the vehicles will be staggered.

An ERP spokesperson, who declined to be named for fear of reprisal, said: “The congestion on MCE is a sign that ERP is needed to help improve traffic flow.”

“So the plan is: From 730 a.m. to 8 a.m., a typical car travelling down MCE will pay $5 at the first gantry and $5.50 at the second gantry and $6 at the third gantry and so on.”

“This is called staggered pricing so by the time the car reach the seventh gantry, it will be about $45 in total.”

Drivers that New Nation spoke to said they believe the ERP gantries on MCE will improve traffic conditions in the long term.

Yi Ming Le, a Singaporean, said: “I’m sure the MCE jam will clear up once the ERP gantries come up.”

“This is because most Singaporeans will have emigrated by then.”