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S’poreans happy #FreeMyLeslieChew hashtag succeeds in freeing cartoonist

S’poreans happy #FreeMyLeslieChew hashtag succeeds in freeing cartoonist

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They will continue to use Internet to promote democracy.


Singaporean cartoonist, Leslie Chew, 37, has been set free as a bird.

This after all charges against him for drawing satirical comic strips depicting the city-state’s courts as biased were dropped on Tuesday.

The charges could have translated into jail time, which in Hokkien, would mean he’d have been sent to squat and clean metal grills.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers had told media that it would no longer pursue contempt of court charges.

This caused Singaporeans from all walks of life to celebrate exuberantly, as they believed they played a key role in freeing Leslie Chew.

One Singaporean, Yin Ter Nat, said: “It’s great to see that Internet slacktivism is working wonders. One moment we are sitting down typing hashtags, such as #FreeMyLeslieChew, the next moment it materialises into a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

“We should do more of this.”