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S’pore telcos to issue COE for handphones next month

S’pore telcos to issue COE for handphones next month

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Handphone buyers to bid for certificates of entitlement that can cost up to $60,000 each.


Singapore telcos will be issuing COE for handphones by next month, it has been announced.

This comes hot on the heels of news that Singapore telcos will be charging for sending and receiving emails in a bid to ensure their business viability of making millions upon millions of dollars to increase shareholders’ value.

Handphone COE will be categorised according to processor speed.

One handphone industry insider, Tia Dian Wei, said: “The purpose of COE is to reduce the demand for handphones as they are taking up too much 4G. $60,000 is affordable by Singapore standards as HDB flats already costs $700,000.”

“COE for handphones will also help lower cost for telcos as lesser money will be invested into improving existing infrastructure.”

“With lesser handsphones in the market, Singaporeans will spend more time talking face-to-face, and this will improve social cohesiveness.”