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Halal Pork in NTUC?

Halal Pork in NTUC?


At last count, this picture had 230 shares on facebook and was still growing

What??? Halal pork from state-run supermarket chain NTUC? Oh the travesty! The seditious undertones! The PR nightmare!!

Oh wait… It’s a hoax?

Yes folks, the Internet has done it again, circulating hoaxes and riding on the anti-establishment bandwagon. But listen to this – the picture was actually was a hoax in 2007 and has just made its reappearance recently.

That’s according to Mr Winston Ng, the dude manning the NTUC hotline at 9pm when New Nation called to ask about the picture, hoping for a scoop that we could latch on to.

Sadly there’s not much of a story to this – just an old meme gone viral again. Boo….

From Lianhe Zaobao, published on the 12th of March 2009.

Update – NTUC has issued a statement about the hoax. We publish it in full:

This image depicting one of our products, FairPrice Pasar Fresh Pork, with a halal certification mark attached to the packaging has been doctored and has been circulating since 2007. We are mindful of the serious religious implications of this matter and regard this as a willful act of mischief. Since being alerted to the mass circulation of this image in 2007, FairPrice has lodged a report with the Singapore Police.

As this image continues to circulate, we would like to once again alert the public on the falsity of this image and in doing so, assure the public that the original packaging of Pasar Fresh Pork does not carry the halal sticker from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

As with all nutritional and product information for food items, we take great care in ensuring that the information printed on the packaging of our housebrand products is accurate and certified.

Any customers with further queries can contact our customer hotline at 6552 2722¬†or through this email at [email protected]

We hope to finally bring this matter to a close in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion or offense that may result in the continued circulation of this image.