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S’poreans blame PAP, Vivian Balakrishnan for hailstorm

S’poreans blame PAP, Vivian Balakrishnan for hailstorm

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Others blame Indonesia’s bomohs.


Parts of western Singapore was pelted by hail on Tuesday after storms summoned by Indonesian bomohs brought about overcast skies that unleashed its fury upon our tiny sovereign state.

Hail as hard as any hard-on known to man and the size of marbles have struck people and their pets on the head and threatened to smash windows and dent cars.


No immediate injuries were reported except one guy who suffered diarrhoea after he swallowed three pieces of hail he picked up off the floor.

Singaporeans were quick to take to social media to bash the PAP, blaming them for bringing about catastrophic weather conditions.

One Singaporean, Ta Ma De, said: “Where is Vivian Balakrishnan? How come he cannot control the weather?”

Others who are taking a more measured approach are blaming the Indonesians.

A local, Zho Gong Tao, said: “Wah their bomoh damn power sia.”