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Hyflux renamed Haifux

Hyflux renamed Haifux

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Its new name reflects the sound investors and employees make daily.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know something has turned to crap when they see it, have renamed “Hyflux” as “Haifux”.

This after the company that makes water is unable to make money, resulting in investors muttering under their breath, “Haiz, f*#%s”, all the time.

One Singaporean Toh Tiu Leow, said: “Everyday I see the news about Hyflux is really ‘Haiz, f*#%s.'”

“Now that ‘Hyflux’ is ‘Haifux’, we just need to say ‘Haifux’ without saying ‘Hyflux’.”

“It is a very good shorthand. Very convenient.”

Other locals said saying “Haifux” is therapeutic.

Another local, Pok Gai, said: “Produce water also can close down?”

“Water is something everybody use everyday forever more.”

“If I knew ‘Hyflux’ is called ‘Haifux’, I wouldn’t have invested in it already.”