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S’poreans help Kong Hee condemn Sun Ho website hacker

S’poreans help Kong Hee condemn Sun Ho website hacker

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They say what the hacker did was indeed very, very bad.


City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee has openly condemned the hacker who attacked his wife Sun Ho’s website on Monday.

The website, www.heyaosun.com, was attacked by a hacker called “The Messiah”, who threatened to expose Sun Ho’s “hidden agenda” and release her personal data into the public domain, unless she “confess” to her “crimes”.

Kong Hee said he was “very concerned” that the hacker’s statements “appear to have been intended to cause readers to influence and pre-judge the issues in the criminal proceedings that are presently on-going”.

Singaporeans from all walks of life agree with Kong Hee that the hacker did something very, very naughty.

Hen Huai Dan, a Singaporean said while shaking his head solemnly: “Ya, this hacker is very bad. This is unforgivable. What he did is worse than spending $700,000 on air fares for himself.”

Another local, Long Hu Pang, said while tsk tsking: “Oh my god, this hacker is horrible. His actions are worse than spending $10 million to make an album that never got released.”

Tou Dong Xi, another local, said with furrowed brows: “This hacker is a threat to humanity. He did something that is worse than round tripping $50 million.”