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Malaysia’s First Lady accidentally disses wife of Indian PM

Malaysia’s First Lady accidentally disses wife of Indian PM

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From FMN.com

PUTRAJAYA — Indian newspaper ‘The Biryani Times’ recently broke the news that the Malaysian First Lady and the Indian Prime Minister’s wife had a falling out at the Indian official visit to Malaysia in June.

Ms. Gurushyanran whom typically shies away from the limelight, gave a rare interview to FMN to explain the incident.

“I met with the First Lady of Malaysia during our official diplomatic visit to Kuala Lumpur,” she said. “I shared my passion for cooking and gardening, and how I’m writing a series of children’s books.”

“When I started to explain my successful charity work, the First Lady said, ‘honey you’re letting yourself be so dick lashed by your husband,’ (the Indian PM). Go assemble a consortium of GLC tycoons, build something expensive like an LRT system then grab some juicy commissions. Don’t hide in the background. One poor election showing, and these dopey himbos of ours are on the scrap heap. You have to cash in on your First Lady status while you still can.”

“The First Lady then told me my beloved old bag was ‘unbecoming’ of a Prime Minister’s wife, then showed me an exquisite US$100,000 Birkin handbag in which she carried her husbands’ testicles.”

“I found my time in Malaysia very confusing,” confessed Ms. Gurushyanran,

“To learn more about Malaysian women’s’ affairs, I requested a meeting with the leader of the Wanita UMNO party and found myself alone in a room with the Prime Minister.”