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6 things Amos Yee can do now that he has been found guilty and convicted

6 things Amos Yee can do now that he has been found guilty and convicted

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All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.


1. Make another video pretty much saying the same things about Lee Kuan Yew and Christians as his previous video

This will test the resolve of the public to see if they are willing to go through with this whole hullabaloo again.


2. Make more videos pretty much saying the same things about Lee Kuan Yew and Christians as his previous video and compile all of them in his YouTube channel and make money from advertising

This will really really test the resolve of the nation.


3. Draw more inappropriate cartoons featuring Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher in compromising positions

This will test the media theory that audiences will get desensitised to certain images after repeated exposure.


4. Make tribute videos to those Singaporeans who called the police on him in the first place

Thank them for their attention and for making a martyr out of him.


5. Make a video thanking the police, judiciary and pretty much everyone else during these trying times

He will then explain to them that after all he has been through, he will defend their right to express themselves.


6. Tell his mom and dad he loves them despite all that he has done

And thank the slapper for his shot at disciplining him, while explaining patiently he will defend his right to express himself too.


Bonus point:

Start a class on public speaking and promise guaranteed results for students who follow his formula to gaining attention.


Singapore has a new martyr:

S’pore bestowed with new martyr as Amos Yee found guilty & convicted


How innocent is Anwar Ibrahim?

How innocent is Anwar Ibrahim?

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In the mind of Singapore’s most prominent gay rights blogivist, he most likely isn’t.

By Belmont Lay

To state it plainly, I only take a very superficial interest in the Anwar Ibrahim case in Malaysia.

Most of what I follow about the trial up to this point is predominantly about how the media there plays it.

So, one thing I want to share is this headline by The Malaysian Insider that I find exceptionally funny in light of the sodomy charges against Anwar:

Mind you, this is a real news site that produces real stuff relating to the real world, unlike say, New Nation, for example.

It is not everyday you find the media choosing to use the word “hardened” on someone right after a sodomy trial where the accused was hauled to court in the first place for penetration.

You really can’t help feeling the media people up north do cheekily take the mickey out of folks by coming up with writing like this.

On a more serious note, if you have any doubts about Anwar’s guilt or innocence, I can point you in the direction of Alex Au’s blog.

Au is the owner of Yawning Bread, and he is, in all likelihood, Singapore’s most persistent and ferocious gay rights blogivist.

If you, like me, have seen many news reports shared on Facebook since yesterday regarding the jubilation of Anwar supporters after his acquittal, you might think this is the majority view in Malaysia.

However, it is most probably not the case and it is healthy to get a dose of skepticism from Au’s blog.

He stated in a post more than one year ago in December 2010, when the earliest Wikileaks cables were released, the popular opinion that Anwar did have sex with his male aide and it was a trap set up by political opponents that Anwar somehow walked right into:

Furthermore, Au contends, Anwar’s accuser, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, “looks totally gay”.

Hey, I mean, a gay guy talking about another gay guy?

Ipso facto, I take it in good faith that Au knows what he is talking about.

Maybe you should too.