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S’poreans to rid country of old people instead of raising GST to 9%

S’poreans to rid country of old people instead of raising GST to 9%

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Tough choices have to be made.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have their priorities right, have voted in a referendum to rid the country of all old people instead of raising the GST to 9 percent to fund their future needs.

This after Singapore announced that more money is needed in the future as people are getting older and will need to find ways to pay for their increased expenditure.

But after careful deliberation, Singaporeans voted in favour of no old people left in the country.

One Singaporean, Gan Diao Tah, said: “Singapore is always faced with hard choices and forks in the road.”

“So, now we must make another hard choice. Do we want to make the current generation pay for the future spending by increasing the GST to 9 percent? Or do we want to get rid of old people now so that we don’t make the young pay more?”

“The choice is simple. Let’s get rid of old people.”

Old Singaporeans said the need to put nation before self made them approve the new measure.

One old Singaporean, Jin Lao Lang, said: “Singaporeans are going to have it bad with a 9 percent GST in place.”

“There is not much time for me already. And by the looks of it, Singaporeans by and large also do not have much time already.”

“Let’s make the hard choices to keep Singapore going.”


Greet S’poreans returning from Jubilee Weekend holiday with more stringent customs checks for unpaid GST

Greet S’poreans returning from Jubilee Weekend holiday with more stringent customs checks for unpaid GST

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This is to make them feel welcomed back here again.


Reminding Singaporeans about the need to be patriotic, those who have gone overseas during the Jubilee Weekend for holiday instead of staying back in Singapore to celebrate the 50th national day on Aug. 9, 2015 will be greeted with more checks to determine if they have paid GST for overseas purchases.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who enjoy immersing themselves in the authoritarian mindset said this would help those who had gone away acclimatise back to local culture immediately.

Currently, travellers who go away for more than 48 hours are exempted from GST for goods valued up to $600. Anything above that amount is subjected to 7 percent GST. Failure to declare the value of purchases is an offence under the Customs Act and the GST Act.

One Singaporean, Fa Kwan, said: “This is a good way to remind Singaporeans about the Singapore they miss the moment they step back into the country.”

“I’m sure those who went on holiday would appreciate this gesture as a way of making up for their absence.”






GST in S’pore to be subjected to GST

GST in S’pore to be subjected to GST


7% tax on a 7% tax will raise more money for the government to pay for increasing socialist spending.


In a bid to help pay for the slew of socialist initiatives mentioned during last Sunday’s National Day Rally, a new tax will be levied on an existing tax.

Goods and Services Tax (GST), from the end of this month, will be subjected to GST.

Having a GST on the GST will raise approximately another $50 million a year.

This is in line with the belief stated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Thursday at a youth dialogue when he said that the government will do more but “good things need to be paid for”.

He also said that the government “does not have a magic source from heaven”, and explained that whatever the government gives out, will eventually come from the citizens.

Local citizen, Ping Fan Ren, said: “So I become the heaven ah?”

From stolen from here.

GST could be raised from 7% to 34%

GST could be raised from 7% to 34%

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Next raise will be from 34% to 1,235%, then 38,954%.


The Singapore Government is likely to raise the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to bring in more revenue to help build a stronger social safety net.

This after a slew of healthcare, housing and infrastructure initiatives were announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the National Day Rally on Sunday.

The increase in GST is expected to go up from 7% to 34%.

And once Singaporeans are accustomed to this rate, it will rise to 1,235%.

In a year’s time, it will settle at a low of 38,954%.

One economist, Gong Jiao Wey, said: “The increase might appear drastic in real terms, but at least we don’t have gun violence like Malaysia.”