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More S’poreans considering taking up homosexuality to advance investment banking career

More S’poreans considering taking up homosexuality to advance investment banking career

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They want a better shot at working in Goldman Sachs.

By David Tan


Following a recent announcement by global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs that it is hiring more LGBT employees in Singapore, the number of Singaporeans turning to homosexuality to improve their chances of being hired has increased.

In a straw poll conducted recently, at least 60% of those interviewed said they would readily “go gay for more pay”, especially if it meant being employed by one of the largest investment banks in the world.

“Singaporeans are a pragmatic people,” said one respondent, “and if choosing an alternative lifestyle means that I can get a more fulfilling career, I don’t see what the big deal is”.

In line with these changes in the hiring market, the Singapore government has also recently announced a slew of policy changes to ensure that Singaporeans remain employable amidst changing times.

The Education Ministry has announced that they will be adding a new compulsory humanities subject, Gayness, to the ‘O’ Levels examinations to ensure that Singaporean students remain competitive in the international job market.

Gayness students will be required to demonstrate the requisite homosexual flair in order to pass, and examinations will consist of both a written and an oral component.

“I think that Singaporeans must learn to adapt to new economic challenges in order to remain relevant,” said the Minister for Trade on the sidelines of the announcement of Singapore’s plan to become Asia’s leading “Homo Hub”.

He later went on to add that while many Singaporeans may disagree with our recent gay-friendly policy shifts, it is important to remember that as a small country, it is important to be forward-looking and not rely only on rose-tinted glasses.

Rainbow-coloured glasses will be the norm and we must all follow suit as well.

Difficult for S’poreans to decide on societal norms as they are becoming the minority

Difficult for S’poreans to decide on societal norms as they are becoming the minority

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Singaporeans say minister Chan Chun Sing might want to re-think his logic.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are forming a smaller and smaller core of the total population in Singapore, have responded to Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing.

This after the minister wrote a Facebook note on May 2, saying that investment bank, Goldman Sachs, should not positively discriminate the LGBT community by purposely seeking them out for employment.

He reasoned that this move is divisive for Singapore as Singaporeans are conservative.

However, Singaporeans have since responded to Minister Chan.

One native of Singapore, Tng Lang, said: “Singapore is dependent on foreign multinational corporations to provide good jobs and boost our economy. If we say we want their standing, money and financial backing but not their liberal values, then there is something two-faced about that.”

Another local, Mah Lai Ren, said: “I think it is increasingly quite hard for Singaporeans to decide on what are the norms for Singapore society. This is because Singaporeans are shrinking in numbers and since democracy is the rule of the majority, I guess we cannot really set the agenda anymore.”

S’pore LGBT community ecstatic Goldman Sachs is recruiting them

S’pore LGBT community ecstatic Goldman Sachs is recruiting them

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They can’t wait to be part of company, they say.


A company that has Sachs in its name is specifically employing students from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Renowned investment bank Goldman Sachs has announced that it will be holding a recruitment and networking dinner at its office next month, specifically to recruit LGBT students.

This has caused a lot of excitement, naturally, for a number of reasons.

One lesbian, Tong Xing Lian, said: “If I apply for a job at Goldman Sachs, I can tell my friends I went for a Sachs interview. That would turn heads.”

Other homosexuals are already thinking about how they are going to capitalise on their new job if they ever got into the investment bank.

Lai Zhuo Ai, another gay, said: “I can go around proclaiming I enjoy Sachs a lot because it allows me to grow as a person and an employee.”

“And I no longer have to feel shy about saying it loudly at the dinner table with my parents while maintaining a straight face.”


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