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Man dies from hunger after anti-foreigner strike

Man dies from hunger after anti-foreigner strike

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Leaves behind two elderly parents, domestic helper and pet terrapin

An artist impression of Sin Ka Poh. Any coincidental resemblance to Gilbert Goh of the National Solidarity Party is unintentional.

An artist’s impression of Sin Ka Poh. Any coincidental resemblance to Gilbert Goh of the National Solidarity Party is unintentional.

A man in his late thirties has passed away after enduring a week-long protest against immigrants in Singapore. A regular contributor to TR Emeritus and various boycott Facebook pages, Sin Ka Poh was leading a nation-wide boycott of cafes and restaurants operated by foreign labour.

Beginning with a boycott of Ya Kun cafes, which he claimed were being overrun by “PRCs and Pinoys”, Sin led a group of three in a “Occupy Kaya Toast” protest.

“He just sat there for days without ordering anything. And he looked so angry!” said Fu Wu Ren, an employee at Ya Kun who repeatedly urged Sin to try the shop’s perfectly cooked half boiled eggs enjoyed with a moderate drizzle of dark soya sauce.

Sin fainted on the third day of the protest and was brought to the Tan Tock Seng hospital. Regaining consciousness after being on drip for half a day, he then refused treatment and demanded to be brought home.

“He told me that I should go back and dance around the coconut trees, and leave the medical jobs to Singaporeans. I thought he was delusional from that strike and increased his medicine to prevent hallucinations. I didn’t know he actually meant it,” said his doctor Samy Govindasamy, a Singaporean Indian who does not dance around coconut trees.

“And he looked so angry!”

Three days later, Sin passed away at home while updating his Facebook status. It read: “Continue to boycott restaurants that don’t employ Singaporeans for $5 an hour!”

His domestic helper was inconsolable.

“I told boy boy. You cannot play computer everyday without eating or drinking. I cooked his favourite curry chicken noodles every night but he refused to eat. Just because I’m from the Philippines!” said Maria Fontanilla who has worked for the Sin family for the past 20 years.

“He was such a nice boy in army. I remember folding his uniform every Sunday night before he book in. But lately, he looked so angry!” she said in tears.

According to various forum letters written by Sin, his hatred for foreigners escalated after his unsuccessful career in Australia. Sin leaves behind two elderly parents, a domestic helper, and his pet terrapin Jim Jim.

Characteristics and behaviour of our 3.3 million Singaporean population

Characteristics and behaviour of our 3.3 million Singaporean population

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Did Gilbert Goh’s “Characteristics and behaviour of our 1.8 million foreign population” note contain a second page?

On Feb. 15, one day before the Hong Park Park protest on Saturday against the PAP government’s population increment plans, the founder of Transitioning.org, Gilbert Goh, wrote a one-page summary titled “Characteristics and behaviour of our 1.8 million foreign population“. (This is the cached version. The original was taken down after a lot of people accused Gilbert Goh of being a xenophobic nincompoop.)

It listed all the popular traits of people from eight nationalities, such as PRC Chinese, Indians, Filipinos and Myarmese. Yes, Gilbert Goh, in this day and age of Google, actually wrote “Myarmese”.

Here is the proof. And he used this picture to represent them:

Gilbert Goh wrote Myarmese in this day and age of Google.

Gilbert Goh wrote Myarmese in this day and age of Google.

Goes without saying, Gilbert Goh’s thesis drew widespread ridicule.

However, it has come to New Nation‘s attention that there might be a second page to Gilbert Goh’s highly concise and utterly incisive executive one-page summary.

Found pinned to a tree at Hong Lim Park during Saturday’s protest is what could possibly be the second part of the outstanding thesis, titled, “Characteristics and behaviour of our 3.3 million Singapore citizen population”.

And just like Gilbert Goh’s original one-page note, the second page focussing on Singaporeans could all very well be entirely fictitious. And as ill-conceived.


This note attempts to draw up a profile of the Singaporean nationality and wants to reiterate that it is not anti-Singaporean.


Population: 3.3 million

Personality: Outgoing only with friends, nit-picky, can be hardworking and business-like, formal, like to LAN gaming, humble, but can be a show-off for those who are rich.

Favourite hangout: Orchard Road, Bugis Junction, Toa Payoh central, City Harvest, JCube, Zouk, Sentosa, VivoCity

Popular jobs: Give tuition, SAF regular, entertainment industry, modelling, blogshop owner, engineering, MediaCorp, SPH, advertising, banking, SingPost, food reviewer, freelance photographer

Pay range: Depend on kind of jobs acquired but between $500 to $25,000 per month.

Niche skills: Speak Singlish, use fake ang moh accent when speaking with Caucasians regardless whether Caucasians are from Russia, France or England. And like to bargain hard in Bangkok.

Bad habit: Like to pretend to sleep while sitting on reserved seat on the train, STOMP others, like to take MC, play with smartphone, enjoy sex scandals in the media, too quiet at times, overly attached to smartphone/ tablet, like to say KNNBCCB.

Women are portrayed to be materialistic and career-driven. But in reality, a lot of them would rather marry a rich man. And own a blogshop.

Men are thought to be underwhelming and not aggressive enough when pursuing their women. Not able to take initiative and can be too soft-spoken. Short penis.

Favourite past time: Watch Running Man, shop at ASOS, sing karaoke, BBQ, go chalet, shopping, eating, visit underage prostitute (some only), go church, go supper, drink alcohol, watch EPL.

Social integration: Clique-ish, but okay as tend to talk only in mainland Singlish but can communicate well in English with others, unless called upon to give presentation in boardroom. Needs to brush up on Mandarin. Generally more talkative with ang mohs, due to colonial hangover.

Citizenship: Many Singaporeans like hassle-free travelling benefits associated with their Singaporean passport but they always end up going to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Perth. Many thought of applying for citizenship in Australia, New Zealand and United States. But not enough drive to actually fill up the form and emigrate.

Latest bugbear: The rich like to hoard property. Those can drive like to illegal parking. Go hawker centre eat already don’t want to clear plate.