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Lawrence Khong must delete his Facebook account if he is really against gay marriage

Lawrence Khong must delete his Facebook account if he is really against gay marriage

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He must take a stand against Facebook’s pro gay marriage support.


Dear editors,

I watched with disappointment over the last several hours at the inaction of local magician Lawrence Khong.

This after I noticed that for someone who so openly opposes gay marriage as he claims it goes against the fibre of his moral being, he has done absolutely nothing but sit on his hands by not removing himself from social media altogether.

Let’s get one thing straight (pun intended): Everybody now knows that Facebook is a gay marriage platform for people to support gays and the homosexual lifestyle.

Why? Because for the record, Facebook is openly supportive of gay marriages. They have created a Celebrate Pride tool to make anyone an openly gay person online with a rainbow profile display picture.

And what has happened? Did magician Khong do anything to show his displeasure? Did he make it known that he is leaving Facebook to its vices because he is an upright man?

No. Because Khong has not deleted his Facebook profile.

Worse, many brands have come out to openly support gay marriage and he has failed to denounce them either.

I am deeply disappointed that his beliefs and his actions do not match.

What magician Khong must now do immediately is to send a positive, unyielding signal: He must stop using all goods and services of pro-gay brands and start his own anti-gay marriage social networking platform called StraightBook.

And he must definitely stop using Google, Apple or Android technology.

And he also cannot use Visa or MasterCard.

By remaining on Facebook and using it to spread his anti-gay message, magician Khong is knowingly employing the methods of gay sympathisers and liberal agitators. He will be giving up his right to call himself a righteous man.

I, therefore, urge him to delete his Facebook account now, or forever hold his peace.

One cannot be accusing gays of being gay while employing gay technology to reach anti-gay people.

Or else, he must really commit hara-kiri.

Yeshu Aini


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PM Lee does the ‘A’ as in ‘YMCA’ one week after announcing S’pore not ready for gay marriage

PM Lee does the ‘A’ as in ‘YMCA’ one week after announcing S’pore not ready for gay marriage

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Mixed signals sent by the prime minister, Singaporeans feel.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take cues to do and feel things based on what their leaders tell them because they can be such uncritical creatures, have come out to express their confusion.

This after they saw on the website The Facebook that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong put up a photo of him doing the “A” as in “YMCA”.

This post comes one week after the prime minister himself resolutely announced that conservative Singapore is not ready for gay marriages.

My attempt at cheering the ambassadors on! Trying to do an ‘A’, as in ‘YMCA’. :) (MCI Photo by Terence Tan)

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Singaporeans who saw this Facebook post, said they think the prime minister should be more consistent in his messaging as he is obviously making gay references with this “doing the ‘A'” image.

Tong Xing Lian, a local, said: “Everybody knows that YMCA by The Village People is a cruising gay anthem, addressed to young homosexual men.”

“Therefore, for the prime minister to come out one moment to denounce gay marriage and the next moment to openly declare he is doing the ‘A’, which explicitly stands for ‘ASSociation’, is just plain confusing.”

“His father certainly wouldn’t have committed this kind of faux pas.”

At press time, political observers said PM Lee’s mind control prowess over his people is still relatively powerful as the picture shows many in the audience also “doing the A” with him.


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