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Archbishop Nicholas Chia offered free letter-writing tuition

Archbishop Nicholas Chia offered free letter-writing tuition

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Singaporeans aghast Head of Catholic Church cannot communicate properly in the midst of National Conversation.

Archbishop Nicholas Chia, head of the Catholic Church.

A group of Singaporeans, mostly social workers with a heart for those in need and who are not very dissimilar from the folks at activist group Function 8, have banded together to offer free letter-writing tuition to Archbishop Nicholas Chia, who is embroiled in a National Argument as a result of being unable to write and communicate properly.

They are offering this free service to the Archbishop because he is not doing too well given that Singapore’s National Conversation has barely started and he is finding himself in the deep end of it.

The letter-writing tuition would cover basics such as expressing one’s opinion in an active voice, writing with a subject-verb agreement, developing an unambiguous topic sentence and also covers the ethics of writing, such avoiding putting out and retracting letters for fun.

Letter-writing tutor, Xie Ying Wen, said communication is especially important these days given how even the Prime Minister is doing it in dollops.

And the last thing anyone needs is to look like he doesn’t know what he is saying.

Because not knowing what one is saying and insisting on preaching it is usually best left to sheep-faced false prophets. Which is technically worse than being a wishy-washy liberal.

Xie said: “To be able to write is human. To be able to write without retracting letters, is divine.”

However, people who cannot express themselves properly need not be embarrassed about seeking help.

Because what’s worse than being someone who cannot write proper prose and convey basic ideas?

“Being a virgin,” Xie said, rather unhelpfully.