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S’poreans apologise to Amos Yee: ‘Sorry we never eat potato like you’

S’poreans apologise to Amos Yee: ‘Sorry we never eat potato like you’


They blame themselves for his predicament.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are feeling remorseful have come out to apologise to Amos Yee.

This after Amos Yee’s mother wrote an open apology to her own son, blaming herself for not taking care of him well enough.

In response, Dui Bu Qi, a Singaporean, said he identifies with Amos Yee’s mother’s difficult position: “I’m also sorry as I caused you, Amos Yee, to go to prison. If only I and everyone else in Singapore were more inclined to think about individual liberty and freedom of expression as a god-given right, none of these bad things would have happened to you.”

“You would have instead blossomed into a fine strapping young lad, who could be fully expressive of your innermost thoughts in a way that wouldn’t offend anyone, because the term ‘take offence’ wouldn’t even be part of the Singaporean lexicon when we are all so open-minded and liberal.”

Other Singaporeans have also come out to stand in solidarity with Amos Yee as they expressed their own sadness and contrition.

Jiak Kan Tang, a Singaporean who is a retiree, said he and other Singaporeans are sorry they cannot do more to free Amos Yee from prison: “Sorry I don’t share the same ideals and values as you, Amos Yee, and I apologise for being older than you are and not as rash and opinionated.”

“I’m also sorry I don’t have an accent and am not as cool as you or as politically incorrect.”

“I sincerely apologise for not being as cerebral as you about things. And most importantly, I regret not being able to see things from your perspective, which is undoubtedly, the only correct world view.”

“I’m definitely sorry I lack this sense of being able to speak my mind as well as you can.”

“And am really sorry we Singaporeans never eat potato like you and act in Jack Neo movie before.”

“We are also sorry we cannot be as theatrical and be as precocious as you are.”

At press time, a majority of Singaporeans have come out to say they are sorry they cannot be Amos Yee as there is only one Amos Yee in this world who is so awesome and never wrong.