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Singapore aims to be racist hub by 2020

Singapore aims to be racist hub by 2020

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by Nigga Poondae bin Babi

The race is on — Singapore has declared its ambitions to be a global racist hub by 2020.

After a few wasted decades of trying to qualify for the World Cup, legitimately or otherwise, the Southeast Asian country has turned its attention towards becoming a cesspool of hate for racists around the world.

Just recently, Terengganu’s Francis Forkey Doe, a visiting Liberian player, was reportedly called a monkey and “Orang Hitam” (literally translated as “Black Man”) during Tuesday’s Malaysia Cup quarter-final second leg against Singapore’s Lions XII. He had apparently incurred the wrath of Singapore fans after being involved in a tussle with Singapore player Hariss Harun. The latter was sent off in the first leg after slapping Doe in the stomach.

This follows another incident on Sunday when Woodlands Wellington defender Fabien Lewis was called a “black n****” by Balestier Khalsa striker Zulkiffli Hassim.

Terengganu's Francis Forkey Doe shows the referee that he was injured by a LionsXII player. He was shown the yellow card for arguing with the referee over this. Courtesy: asiaone

“Our strategy of importing foreign talent didn’t seem to be working for us,” said a high level official from the Football Association of Singapore who spoke to New Nation on the condition of anonymity.

“And obviously our local soccer talent would pick a banking job over being plastered on a Milo tin anyday. So we decided to steer our long term plan towards hate. It sells tickets, it makes news and that’s good for our growing gambling industry.”

A country of majority yellow-skinned people in a region of browner people, Singapore has had historical lineage of being racist. In 1964, about 23 people were killed and 450 people were injured during riots between Chinese and Malay groups while former Indonesian president B.J. Habibie christened the nation “Little Red Dot” for the country’s discrimination against Indians.

Not to be left out, all other minority groups have been cast under the amorphous category “others” in the national census in a bid to belittle everyone else, including people of hybrid races.

The national campaign is making waves online. A twitter post by 19 year-old Nanyang Polytechnic student Lai Shimun went viral last week when she likened Indians to dogs. Another student, ex-MOE scholar Sun Xu from China also made headlines when he wrote on his blog that “there are more dogs than humans here in Singapore.”

According to Georgie, a golden retriever puppy living in the Bukit Timah area, such comparisons between humans and dogs were uncalled for.

“That’s being specie-ist. This racist campaign has gone too far,” he barked, adding he did not appreciate being used as an insult.

The latest to join the drive is blogger Stanley Hart, in his latest post “Let’s Face It and Say It Like It Is and Stop Stupid Racists Anger“. In it, he tells his readers how Indians are ‘really’ like — smelly, loud and ill-mannered. Hart lives in Singapore and appears to be a douchebag.

Stanley Hart: Douchebag extraordinaire