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Foreign workers praised for being part of SAF protecting S’pore

Foreign workers praised for being part of SAF protecting S’pore

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They are the sixth pillar in total defence.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who spent two years reluctantly serving the nation, have come out to praise foreign workers.

This after foreign workers were seen helping to turn Lim Chu Kang road into a runway for aeroplanes to use like real soldiers serving the Singapore Armed Forces.

One local, Zho Peng, said he is glad Singapore can function with the presence of foreign workers: “NS for locals, now NS for foreigners also. Huat ah.”

Other Singaporeans said they were heartened by this sight.

Another local, Kai Xing, said: “As the sixth pillar of total defence, these foreigners can do more to protect Singapore’s interests.”

“Building buildings is hard enough already, so what is letting them serve National Service as well and giving them the right to bear arms?”

“So simple. I show you.”







S’pore jittery as foreign workers continue to feel okay, signalling another riot might break out

S’pore jittery as foreign workers continue to feel okay, signalling another riot might break out

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Look what happened last year when they felt okay.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are underhappy have expressed their concerns that foreign workers in Singapore have been feeling okay the past 12 months and this does not bode well as it might inevitably lead to another riot to happen in the city-state.

This after it was revealed in a recent manpower survey that nine in 10 foreign workers are generally satisfied with working in Singapore, which proves once and for all that there is no such thing as unhappiness in this country.

Singaporeans’ main concern stems from the fact that foreign workers who also felt okay in 2013 ended up on the streets causing the Little India riot to break out on Dec. 8, 2013.

Singaporeans who watched the footage of the riot after it happened agreed with the government’s analysis that the foreign workers who set things on fire and threw rocks on the streets were doing so only because they were generally happy with their jobs, working conditions and their overall lot in life.

One Singaporean, Pah Kah Luan, said: “As the foreign workers have continued to feel okay in Singapore, it is a sign that they might be ready to throw rocks and set things on fire again.”

“Feeling okay has been the leading cause of riots in Singapore and as they have felt the same way throughout the past year, there is no doubt we are due for another one soon.”


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Nothing racist about giving Chinese foreign workers free lion dance lessons

Nothing racist about giving Chinese foreign workers free lion dance lessons

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After all, Indian foreign workers are already getting free yoga lessons, which is part of their culture and heritage.


Singapore has defended plans to give free lion dance lessons to all Chinese foreign workers currently working and staying here.

The free lion dance lessons will start this week and the purpose is envisioned to give the Chinese foreign workers here something they can relate to and something they will naturally want to do.

Defenders of the free lion dance lessons have pointed out that assuming all Chinese foreign workers are into that kind of thing is natural, as all Chinese look alike and have the same culture.

Hua Ren, a Singaporean said: “In the aftermath of the Little India riot, Indian foreign workers are already receiving free yoga lessons in their dormitories that teach them how to breathe and relax. because, otherwise, they don’t know how to.”

“Therefore, for people who are saying that there is something racist about such an approach to pair Indians with yoga, Chinese to lion dance, well, they are the ones who are really racist because all they see is race.”

S’pore to house foreign workers at offshore island

S’pore to house foreign workers at offshore island

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Ample facilities on island available, such as two toilets and one row of showers.


The government has said that it will look for suitable opportunities to help house foreign workers properly without causing too much inconvenience to them or to Singaporeans.

One of the ideas put forward is to house foreign workers at offshore islands away from mainland Singaporeans.

These offshore islands are suitable to be inhabited as there are two toilet facilities and one row of showers.

On Pulau Brani, for example, the island has one television and one antennae that can intercept free-to-air channels, as long as it doesn’t rain and the wind blows north-east.

The surrounding nature environment will also impart a culture of Zen and tranquility that will benefit the soundness of mind as compared to living in the claustrophobic mainland.

One Singaporean architect, Jin Zek Ark, said the idea of housing foreign workers far away is logical: “We cannot expect the foreign workers to build our homes and offices and then have them stay among us, right?”

“That would be limiting the natural space of Singaporean inhabitants.”

Photo offers convincing proof that foreigners are invading Singapore

Photo offers convincing proof that foreigners are invading Singapore

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Surveillance photo taken by an NS recruit.

A startling photo has been deemed by the Singapore government as proof that foreigners are invading the country, years after ignoring repeated warnings from citizens and experts in the field.

The peculiar image, taken in Orchard Road, shows a rotund man in what appears to be a military fatigue resembling that worn by Chairman Mao, the revolutionary leader of China.

Experts who studied the photo have raised the alarm bells, imploring the government to finally take action after months of burying their head in the sand.

“They are everywhere, attacking our buses, driving on our roads and engaging in reckless Grand Theft Auto-like killing sprees,” said Dr Matthias De Silva, a Total Defense Propagandist at the Singapore Armed Forces and lecturer at an obscure private university. Read the full story

Fellow Singaporeans, wake up your idea!

Fellow Singaporeans, wake up your idea!

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We love to bitch about them, don't we?

2 March 2012, 1530 hours. My anxiety level was approaching infinity. Best friend collected her slip and walked away. With my handphone squeezed between my head and left shoulder, I tried to converse with my cousin while manoeuvering my right hand, without dropping anything.

From behind, best friend shouted: “5 As!” From the handset, I heard cousin say: “5 As! How about you?”

I stared at the piece of paper that would determine my future. “3 As, 1 B for my H2s. GP, C. Cannot get scholarship!” My crutches wobbled as I burst into a flood of tears.

Hours later, at my house, cousin and I were feasting on Maggi mee when he hugged me. Then it was his turn to cry. “Monday must book in!”

Cousin has epilepsy and ADHD. He lives with my parents because his abused him. Although a clerk, he enthusiastically contributes to the defence of Singapore, volunteering to handle the most intellectually challenging tasks.

Unfortunately, several ITE gangsters from his unit know the causes of his fits and have made a sadistic game out of triggering them. According to him, if he is discharged, NUS would not accept him, so what can he do, except do his best to put up with the bullying? Read the full story