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S’poreans put SMRT up for sale on Carousell

S’poreans put SMRT up for sale on Carousell

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Low ball offers will not be entertained.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are looking for extra income opportunities, have put up SMRT on Carousell for sale.

This after they heard the national public transport operator has interested buyers.

One Singaporean, Na Qu Mai, said: “SMRT belongs to Singaporeans. We will make the sale to the highest bidder and split the money equally with all the people.”

“Low balling will not be entertained.”

Other locals said the sale of SMRT on Carousell is a good idea.

Zhuan Da Qian, another local, said: “There is no need to pay commission and it is cash and carry and the transaction of exchanging goods with money can be done conveniently at MRT stations, which is exactly what we are selling.”