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Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch: 400-metre race set for next year

Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch: 400-metre race set for next year

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Challenger to agree to champion’s terms: Running.


Barely a week has past since the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Fight Of The Century on May 2, 2015, in Las Vegas, a rematch is already on the cards.

The 38-year-old American, who emerged victorious via a wide unanimous decision, has indicated his interest in taking on his Philippine rival — on his own terms again.

Following the revelation that Pacquiao had hurt his shoulder prior to the bout and the likelihood of surgery putting his arms out of action for a while, a fight promoter familiar with the developments said the rematch will go on: “There is no worry about how Pacquiao’s injury is going to affect him because he would definitely take on Mayweather on the champion’s terms again.”

“Since Mayweather has proven he is good at running, Pacquiao would go head-to-head with him in a 400-metre race scheduled for next year.”

A race on foot looks all the more likely given that the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) said Pacquiao, 36, could be fined and even suspended as he did not declare his shoulder problem and could risk not having another chance to box.

But even if Pacquiao was forced to hang up his gloves, it doesn’t mean a rematch is not inevitable.

Sources familiar with Pacquiao’s training said: “He is already working hard on getting his footwork right, making sure he has the power to really set off from the second the bell rings.”

“There is no doubt at all that Pacquiao will give Mayweather a run for his money, but then again it is a 400-metre sprint to the finish, so Mayweather definitely has the advantage given his penchant for running.”

One of Pacquiao’s fans, acknowledging his favourite fighter’s weaknesses, admitted: “It is going to be hard keeping up with Mayweather for sure, because he is really fast on his feet.”

Mayweather’s supporters, on the other hand, are convinced the undisputed champion is up for a rematch any given day.

“He will go the distance against Pacquiao,” one Mayweather fan said, “but there won’t be any photo finish because Floyd is damn good at what he does and he will win by a mile.”

“And when he gets past the finish line, he will raise his hands up in victory like he did the first time he beat Pacquiao, where he kept running and won.”