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Thanks, Lawrence Khong, for standing up to the gay agenda

Thanks, Lawrence Khong, for standing up to the gay agenda

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Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC

Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC

Dear Lawrence Khong,

you know I’m your biggest fan. I go to your magic shows, and watched you as you won a SEA Games medal while riding on a horse. Yes, you are my favorite pastor in the whole universe.

My respect for you swelled to stratospheric heights when recently, you stood up to the reprehensible homosexual activists and their plot to destroy Singapore by repealing 377A (here and here).

Yes, sex between two men is disgusting. It should be banned. In fact, why stop there? Let’s call for a ban on homosexual advocacy, since they are on a warpath to bring turn everyone gay.  Put them in jail for sedition.

But even as I admire you, I felt you have not gone far enough. How about lobbying to make adultery a crime? After all, South Korea has done it and it is a model Christian nation. Many Christian men, even a Singaporean pastor, have lusted after women, making it worse of a marriage destroyer than gayness.

I am also a little let down that you have stopped speaking up on the casino issue. I mean, what happened? Isn’t gambling a heinous crime according to Christians, destroying lives and families?

Gambling is so in demand that Singaporeans have to fork out $100 to get in. On the other hand, no one chose to be a homosexual. If you give someone a hundred bucks and ask him if he wants to turn gay, he’d say no.

So you see, Pastor Lawrence Khong, as much as I admire you for being a cross between David Blaine, Michael Jordan, and Billy Graham, you got your strategy all wrong. You shouldn’t be targeting gays at all.

But we all know the reality don’t we? It is easy to target gays because no one really supports them in Singapore, especially not the government. They are a minority among the minority.

Which is why we need wise leaders like you to take courage. Since you believe the law is effective in countering whatever alien agenda that is creeping up on our shores, let’s lobby the government to ban pre-marital sex. Let’s ban abortion too. Let’s criminalize unhealthy food, which are making our kids fat and stupid.

The government’s double-standard is what’s really driving Singapore to its knees.

My prayers are with you, Pastor Khong. After all, we are on a holy mission to spread God’s love in Singapore.

Let’s pray that our Prime Minister will fall to his knees in repentance and accept the love of Christ. Let’s pray that more international Christian organizations will donate to FCBC to help us spread the love of God to every soul in Singapore and bring them to church.

We are doing the right thing, because Christian Love has no agenda. Except to brand gays as criminals.

With God’s blessings,
Conservative Nazi