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S’poreans invited to play ‘Spot-The-PAP-Supporter’ game

S’poreans invited to play ‘Spot-The-PAP-Supporter’ game

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Channel News Asia’s Conversations with PM Lee turned into game show format overnight.

Singaporeans have been having a ball of a time since last night spotting pro-PAP members in the audience at Conversations With PM Lee on Sept. 14, Channel News Asia’s television forum where political bloggers were dropped from the invite list like hot potatoes at the last minute even though they were slated to attend weeks earlier.

So far, out of the 50 people supposedly from all walks of life who were invited to share their thoughts (except dirty ones) with Our Supreme Leader, it has been discovered that more than a handful have applied for membership with the ruling party.

Mr Foo Peow Yong, Douglas, PBM , CEO of Sakae Sushi. Patron of Siglap CCC 2011-2013.

This photo is stolen from Joshua Chiang. (http://www.facebook.com/joshuafly)

Several members of the public, who New Nation confirmed are not PAP supporters, said they are excited to be given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot PAP supporters who wanted to pass off discreetly as normal people.

But all of them felt the difficulty level of the game is not as high as Where’s Wally?

So how can the difficulty level be improved then?

One of the non-PAP supporters said: “They should just pull strings behind-the-scenes. That way, more difficult to spot.”

*All pictures here stolen from theonlinecitizen.