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6 things Fann Wong’s baby Zed has that you don’t (and never will)

6 things Fann Wong’s baby Zed has that you don’t (and never will)

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You can forget about even getting close to what Zed has.


Fann Wong’s baby boy Zed was delivered on Aug. 9, 2014, right smack on Singapore’s 49th National Day. It diverted the nation’s attention from our birthday celebration because our country’s sovereignty and independence is nothing compared to the momentous occasion where a 43-year-old Singaporean celebrity popped one out of her.

Here are 6 things little baby Zed already has that you never will and can never even come close to having:

1. Lots of money


Fann Wong is a Hollywood actress who starred alongside Jackie Chan. She is the queen of endorsements and her years in showbiz means she is loaded. Whatever belongs to her also belongs to baby Zed.


2. David Gan


You will never have David Gan. Never!


3. Celebrity milk


Ahem. We don’t even mean celebrity-endorsed milk. We mean literally celebrity milk.


4. Unused branded stuff


Most of you will have to save up for a long time to buy a branded merchandise and use it by parading it around for everyone to see.

Not baby Zed! He will have so many branded stuff in his life, there are bound to be some that goes unused. And he doesn’t even need to save up to buy them. They just appear.


5. Money


Oh wait. We already mentioned money. But what the hell. Money deserves another mention because there is so much of it.


6. Fann Wong’s genes


Ha! Bet you didn’t even realise that you will never ever have some of Fann Wong inside of you, didn’t you?


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