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Queenstown residents concur royal showcase definitely fake

Queenstown residents concur royal showcase definitely fake

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The dead giveaway? Nope, nothing to do with the exhibition itself. Read on to find out.

When was the last time you actually saw your MP walking around your estate at 3 p.m. in the afternoon? Ok, besides Low Thia Khiang, who else?

Responding to online criticism of the staged scenes put up at the Queenstown Green playground for the Will and Kate royal visit, Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Indranee Rajah has issued her defence in Singapolitics: “The pictures that people have posted do not take into account the context of the visit.”

The context of the visit, the MP explained, was to be an exhibition for a time-starved royal couple to ingest as much of Singapore lifestyle as possible in 25 minutes.

Hence, the clusterfuckness of people doing qigong with silat and swinging on monkey bars, who were all scouted from the grassroots groups, the Housing Board and the People’s Association.

“The demonstrations were to showcase the different types of activities themselves. It was not to suggest that these activities take place at 3pm everyday… It was meant to give a snapshot, and in that sense it was no different from a demonstration of activities,” Indranee said.

Indranee also said that as she toured the area with Prince William, he had asked her if Singaporeans actually practice taichi and silat in the afternoon.

However, it was not mentioned if Will thought Singaporeans are retarded for courting heat stroke.

“I explained that they wouldn’t do so at 3pm because it’s hot, and that these groups were just here to demonstrate… So it was explained to our visitors that we were just showcasing activities,” she said.

Several Queenstown dwellers New Nation spoke to completely and categorically agree with Indranee that the whole set-up was an exhibition and there is no doubt at all whatsoever that it was fake as hell.

One of the Queenstown dwellers said, “Isn’t it obvious it is fake? Would you normally find Indranee Rajah at Queenstown at 3 p.m. in the afternoon? Duh?!”