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No fake news in S’pore if S’poreans remained illiterate

No fake news in S’pore if S’poreans remained illiterate

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Literacy caused them to consume fake news.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are literate, have found the source of fake news in Singapore.

This after they traced the origins of fake news to the ability to read and write, as a result of improved literacy over the decades.

One Singaporean, Jiang Yin Wen, said: “Fake news is only a problem if you can consume it. And the only way to consume it is to be literate.”

“Therefore, the policy of educating Singaporeans is wrong and should not have taken place.”

“If Singaporeans remained illiterate and uncommunicative, there will not be fake news in society in the first place because no one can consume it.”

Other locals said tracing the origins does not go back far enough.

Another local, Pian Ren, said: “There wouldn’t have been a fake news problem in Singapore if there was no Singapore.”

“It is either Lee Kuan Yew’s fault or Sir Stamford Raffles’ fault.”

“Therefore, there shouldn’t have been humans in the first place.”

“If there was no humans, there wouldn’t be any consumers, and so, there wouldn’t be fake news.”


S’poreans assure Khaw Boon Wan train breakdown reports are fake news

S’poreans assure Khaw Boon Wan train breakdown reports are fake news

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All these mainstream media reports and social media posts are fake news.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to take public transport because cars are for rich people, have come out to assure Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan everything is okay.

This after Khaw previously eviscerated the mainstream media in Singapore for playing up the MRT system down times and making it appear that thousands of Singaporeans were inconvenienced and negatively affected as public transport services ground to a snail’s pace.

One Singaporean, Hong Gan Leow, said: “No worries, Minister Khaw Boon Wan. All the mainstream media reports you are seeing now are fake news.”

“Do not be influenced by these negative reports of how the extended travelling time is one hour and the stations are crowded with people during peak hour.”

“Everything is normal and okay. No problem.”

Other locals said any reports about congestion and overcrowded conditions can be dismissed as fake news and are inaccurate.

Another local, Pian Lang, said: “Minister Khaw, do not be easily swayed by these irresponsible media reports of thousands of Singaporeans being affected at the same time as they struggle to go home or go out on a Friday night.”

“Who can be right in this instance? Thousands of Singaporeans witnessing the breakdown at the same time or you?”

“Without a doubt, of course it is you.”

“You can never be wrong.”

“Don’t be lied to by these irresponsible people and fake media.”



Young children in S’pore: Adults who believe fake news are dumb

Young children in S’pore: Adults who believe fake news are dumb

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So stupid.


Young children in Singapore from all walks of life, who believe adults ought to be smarter because experience and all, are shaking their heads and tsk tsking under their breath.

This after they cannot believe grown people can be so stupid as to believe everything they read on the Internet and take it as real gospel truths.

One young Singaporean child, Mei Zhang Da, said: “For adults to read something online and go on and think what they read must be a reflection of reality is to commit a mistake so infantile even young children will not do it.”

“Children’s faith in adults have been shaken.”

Other young locals said it is worse that the Singapore government has to step in and regulate what adults read online, because something as simple as differentiating truth from lies should be a given once a person has acquired 21 years of age.

Boh Tao Nao, another young child, said: “I hope Singaporean adults are ashamed of themselves. They cannot even take care of themselves to the extent that the government has to step in and tell them what to do and what to not believe.”

“How stupid can adult Singaporeans get?”

“To actually be taken in by anything on the Internet or to vote in such a government?”

“Actually, both.”







S’poreans can have Swiss standard of living was original fake news

S’poreans can have Swiss standard of living was original fake news

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You are fake news. Bad.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are realists because they can smell the bullshit, agree that fake news is a problem and have found out the source of it.

This after they discovered that the original fake news was from years ago when it was said that Singapore can also have a Swiss standard of living but this has not come to pass.

One Singaporean, Pian Lang Eh, said: “Singapore can have Swiss standard of living was the original fake news.”

“Which part of Singapore today looks like it has the Swiss standard? The cheese section in Cold Storage?”

“This is fake news.”

Other locals said finding the source of the fakery is the first step towards healing and reconciliation for a country that is reeling from the consequences of the disappointment.

Another local, Shuo Pian Hua, said: “Whoever started this fake news must pay for it.”

“This will be the next election’s hot button issue to address. Failure to rectify will see a mutiny at the polls.”







Only S’pore govt knows the Truth to love, life & universe

Only S’pore govt knows the Truth to love, life & universe

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Singaporeans defer to government as they are never wrong.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who don’t know any better because they are born and raised as simpletons in a country devoid of conflict and strife, are deferring to the Singapore government for the absolute Truth.

This after the Singapore government has vowed to clamp down on fake news because Singaporeans cannot think for themselves as they spend too much time on the Internet and they only need to believe the authorities who know best and possess wisdom.

One Singaporean, Jia Xing Wen, said: “The Singapore government has all the information about everything. Their local is as old as time.”

“They are the all-seeing eye, the beginning and the end, the vastness of their depth and broadness of their knowledge will leave each and every one in awe as they are the final adjudicators of truth and falsity.”

Other deferential locals said they know that the Singapore government holds the truth because they have never, ever been wrong before.

Another local, Jiang Zhen De, said: “Singaporeans like to see things in shades of grey, but that is for weaklings.”

“Really strong people can see things only in black and white. Anything in degrees is wrong and must be gotten rid of.”

“You are either black or white. No wonder PAP wears white.”







Media analysts confident M’sia can successfully sue reporters for false reports

Media analysts confident M’sia can successfully sue reporters for false reports

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If cases are heard in Malaysia courts.


The Malaysian government said Tuesday it was compiling “false” media reports over the MH370 crisis and, in their infinite wisdom, are considering filing lawsuits.

On his Twitter feed, Transport and Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the attorney general of Malaysia had been instructed to “compile evidence and advise” on possible legal action.

Which means American, Singaporean and Australian media, among plenty others, can be sued in an imaginary international court of law, perhaps.

Media analysts paying attention to the saga, however, have come out to say that Malaysia has a very strong case moving forward suing all errant reporters and media organisations.

One media analyst, Shang Fa Ting, said Malaysia’s case is clear-cut: “There is no doubt that the Malaysian government can successfully and confidently sue all the reporters who wrote articles they deem false and win compensation — if the cases are heard in Malaysia courts.”

“And then, not only will the reporters be sued, the Malaysia government can even find all reporters guilty of sodomy.”

However, even clear-cut cases have an Achilles’ heel.

Self-styled political pundit and world renowned international relations expert, Eric de Yaya, said: “The news community is watching this case very closely because the Malaysia government might come out again a few weeks’ down the road to say that the threat to sue did not happen and is inaccurate.”

M Ravi still S’pore’s no. 1 human rights lawyer

M Ravi still S’pore’s no. 1 human rights lawyer

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Still the preferred choice.

Several days ago last week, The Online Citizen jumped onto the fake news writing bandwagon and put out this piece:


Not only was it premature, it was wrong.

They were called out by arrested Demon-cratic Singapore cartoonist, Leslie Chew himself.

Latest news in today:


M Ravi — still the only preferred pro bono human rights lawyer in Singapore.

Your trusted choice.


Buy his book here.