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Fake degree mills earn street cred after its graduates successfully find employment in S’pore

Fake degree mills earn street cred after its graduates successfully find employment in S’pore

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The gap between fake and real degrees has been narrowing over the years.


Fake degree mills located in some Pacific island that don’t even exist have come out to boast about their track record of securing employment for its graduates who underwent their fake university curriculum.

A spokesperson from one of the fake degree mills said: “Singapore has been great in enabling us to boast about our stellar track record in helping our graduates secure stable employment after undergoing our accelerated learning courses.”

“More than a handful of our fake graduates have found gainful employment in the Republic as a result of putting in the effort to buy a degree.”

“This is proof that fake degrees work. You just need to obtain it and hope for the best. It is like getting a real degree, but with the same amount of certainty in securing a job when applying with it.”

“The gap between fake degrees and real degrees have been narrowing over the years. Nowadays, a lot of graduates with real degrees from Singapore-based universities come out into the working world with a head full of useless knowledge anyway. This is no better than having no knowledge, and in some cases, might in fact be worse.”

“So it is, therefore, better to hire someone with a fake degree as you know that person is a blank slate and is more easily programmable and not filled with preconceived notions of certain level of expected starting salary or thinking a five-day work week is a given.”

At press time, employers who have hired fake degree holders said they have a lower self-entitlement mentality and are more willing to work beyond office hours just to prove their abilities.


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