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Petition to remove pro-gay Facebook platform from Lawrence Khong’s life gathers steam

Petition to remove pro-gay Facebook platform from Lawrence Khong’s life gathers steam

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Highly religious Singaporeans demand Facebook to stop penetrating into magician’s life.

"I use these three fingers for scrolling on mobile."

“I use these three fingers for scrolling on mobile.”

More than 140,000 highly religious Singaporeans from that particular walk of life, who like to dabble in other people’s business because they see it as a form of duty, have signed a petition demanding heathen pro-gay organisation Facebook to leave magician Lawrence Khong alone.

This after it was discovered that the homosexuality-linked social media network is still penetrating the life of Lawrence Khong and desecrating his purity as a highly religious person.

One Singaporean who signed the petition, Qu Jiao Tang, said: “I demand Facebook to stop its shady tactics of infiltrating and penetrating Lawrence Khong’s life.”

“We all know Lawrence Khong is a highly religious person. He does not need this affront to his morals. Facebook better stop trying to influence him to be pro-gay since we all know Facebook is a gay platform used to promote the homosexual lifestyle.”

Other highly religious people are confident that by signing a petition, they can get their way with Facebook because they will also threaten to leave Facebook altogether if Facebook does not comply with their wishes of leaving Lawrence Khong alone first.

Another highly religious person, Yeshu Aini, said: “Yes, I also use Facebook. But it is my duty as a highly religious person to remind others of not using Facebook as it is clearly a gay platform.”

“I know that I am strong in my beliefs and I will not succumb to homosexuality but I am not sure if others are as strong as me.”

“We are a community that keeps each other in check and to mind other people’s business.”

“Therefore, we demand Facebook leave Lawrence Khong alone now, or we will all leave Facebook together at once.”







Lawrence Khong still using pro-gay Facebook platform to propagate highly religious views

Lawrence Khong still using pro-gay Facebook platform to propagate highly religious views

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He must delete his Facebook account to show his opposition to homosexual lifestyle.


Dear editors,

I watched with disappointment over the past year at the inaction of local magician Lawrence Khong.

This after I noticed that for someone who so openly opposes gays as he claims it goes against the fibre of his moral being, he has done absolutely nothing but sit on his hands by not removing himself from social media altogether.

Let’s get one thing straight (pun intended): Everybody now knows that Facebook is a pro-gay platform for people to support gays, gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle.

Why? Because for the record, Facebook is openly supportive of gay marriages. They were the ones that created a heathen Celebrate Pride tool previously to make anyone an openly gay person online with a rainbow profile display picture.

And even after tens of thousands of Singaporeans showed their displeasure by signing the anti-Adam Lambert petition to bar him from Singapore, Facebook still has not banned the homosexual fiend from the social media platform.

And what has happened? Did magician Khong do anything to show his displeasure? Did he make it known that he is leaving Facebook to its vices because he is an upright man?

No. Because Khong has not deleted his Facebook profile.

Worse, many brands have come out to openly support gay marriage and he has failed to denounce them either.

I am deeply disappointed that his beliefs and his actions do not match.

What magician Khong must now do immediately is to send a positive, unyielding signal: He must stop using all goods and services of pro-gay brands and start his own anti-gay marriage social networking platform called StraightBook.

And he must definitely stop using Google, Apple or Android technology.

And he also cannot use Visa or MasterCard.

By remaining on Facebook and using it to spread his anti-gay message, magician Khong is knowingly employing the methods of gay sympathisers and liberal agitators. He will be giving up his right to call himself a righteous man.

I, therefore, urge him to delete his Facebook account now, or forever hold his peace.

One cannot be accusing gays of being gay while employing gay technology to reach anti-gay people.

Or else, he must really commit hara-kiri.

Yeshu Aini