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Higher highway accident rates linked to higher democracy levels

Higher highway accident rates linked to higher democracy levels

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Eastern parts of Singapore experience greater number of accidents because of democracy.


There is no way anyone in the right mind can dispute the statistics.

Because it has been confirmed once and for all that greater levels of democracy will naturally lead to more vehicle accidents on the road.

Based on 2,000 tweets put out by the Land Transport Authority’s Twitter account over a three-month period between May 26 and Aug. 22, the number of accidents that were tweeted as it happened in real-time have been aggregated to provide a clearer picture of where vehicle accident hot spots are.

And it has been found that vehicle accident hot spots on expressways correspond to democracy hot spots in Singapore, which have typically been in the east.

This is where the PAP lost Aljunied GRC and almost lost East Coast GRC to the opposition.

With greater democracy is more chaos. And with more chaos, there are more incidents involving car accidents.

In the antediluvian west, where the opposition political parties have failed to make a dent, lesser and close to nil expressway accidents were reported.

Self-styled political pundit Eric de Yaya, said: “You can literally cut the map of Singapore in half and the results speak for itself.”

“There is a certain recklessness when there is more democracy. Look at Egypt and Syria.”