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Escobar to be renamed as Ass Cold Bar in S’pore

Escobar to be renamed as Ass Cold Bar in S’pore

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More appropriate.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who understand that a name is more than just a name as it can mean you take drugs and end up killing the entire population, are clapping their hands in approval.

This after drinking place Escobar in Singapore will be renamed as Ass Cold Bar as the authorities are not happy that a bar can be named after a drug lord because people might take drugs as a result and commit more crimes on the side, resulting in economic ruin.

One Singaporean, Zhen Hao Ting, said: “Changing Escobar to Ass Cold Bar would allow the name to sound the same, but different.”

“I’m sure the Singapore authorities must be proud of their achievement of making a bar change its name to something more appropriate.”

The new logo features a man freezing his ass off.

Other locals said changing names is a first step towards recognising that a name can be more than just a name.

Another local, Leng Ka Chng, said: “This will signal to Singaporeans and the rest of the world that Singapore is not about drugs and doing illegal things.”

“Ass Cold Bar is a much better representative of conservative Singaporean Asian values.”

“It will signal to the world Singapore is putting Section 377A in deep freeze.”