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Attorney-General’s Chambers, Spring Singapore bought a lot of $600 chairs

Attorney-General’s Chambers, Spring Singapore bought a lot of $600 chairs

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However, they are good buys, says Shenton Way office workers.

Liang Kaixin, who is an emeritus senior reporter of Channel 8 news, has done some investigative journalistic snooping into the recent procurement of expensive office chairs by ministries and statutory boards — even though she is no longer really a reporter.

The ex-reporter, who has apparently moved on to greener pastures, found that the Attorney-General’s Chambers bought 200 expensive office chairs at $597 a piece on March 2012 and made it into a blog post, similar to what ex-SPH editor Bertha Henson would do:

Photo stolen from http://liangkaixin.wordpress.com

This news comes exactly one year after the Ministry of Manpower’s purchase of 472 office chairs amounting to $272,000 in March 2011 had caused a big brouhaha, with the public wailing with anger.

And the AGC and MOM are not the only ones as Kaixin also discovered that Spring Singapore bought 28 chairs at $650 each, totalling $18,200 in August this year:

Photo stolen from http://liangkaixin.wordpress.com

One office worker in Shenton Way that New Nation spoke to said she was aghast that her boss is a cheapskate for not buying such chairs to cradle her bums.

Da Pi Gu, a manager in her 30s, said: “No wonder… He probably doesn’t find me attractive anymore.”

However, one other satisfied expensive office chair user said ergonomically designed chairs provide comfort for the people working in the office.

Fang Cho Pi, a clerk, said: “The cushion helps to lower the volume when we fart. However, ergonomic doesn’t mean it helps in reducing the scent.”

Other office workers said $600 for an office chair is about right — as long as its ergonomic functions prevent workplace injuries.

Eff Wan Rei Sing, a 24-year-old accountant, said: “If not, there is no other way we know how to get to the pantry together.”