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Junior college students act as pretend ministers on Earth Day

Junior college students act as pretend ministers on Earth Day


Initiative to teach them about the importance of stuff.

A whole bunch of junior college and ITE College Central students got to play pretend on Earth Day on April 22.

For the dozen or so junior college students, they got a chance to step into the shoes of cabinet ministers, attending meetings and nodding sagely, to mark Earth Day.

This is an initiative to teach youngsters the perks of wielding great power on fragile Mother Earth.

This occurred concurrently as youngsters from ITE College Central took part in a dissimilar campaign. They took on the jobs of cleaners to scrub toilets, sweep the floor and pick litter to mark Earth Day.


The junior college students said they learnt a great deal about the massive responsibilities of being the country’s decision makers in the few short hours they were handed the role.

Zhen Tian Zhen, a 17-year-old junior college student said: “I was sitting at the board room meeting table, like, ‘I’m the king of the castle, king of the castle…’ After which I ordered the chef around during lunch and ate a 17-course meal and feasted on swan.”

Other students agreed that it was an eye-opener to be a decision maker in society.

Qu Swee Jiao, a student, said: “I had to decide and think about stuff. But when I got stuck and couldn’t make up my mind, I took a nap.”

Strangely, after news broke that ITE students were targeted to perform menial labour, no one broke out in a hissy fit.

Guess Singapore society still believes in Meritocracy.