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Circle Line train commuters transported from desert to Arctic and back

Circle Line train commuters transported from desert to Arctic and back

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The two-cent fare increase that coincided with the Circle Line’s opening on Oct. 8 is taking commuters to more places than required.

A Circle Line commuter being transported from the desert to the Arctic on the same day a 1 percent nationally-implemented fare hike kicked in on Oct. 8. Too much travel for a slight increase in price? How bizarre?

Singaporeans are expected to feel the pinch again as fares for buses and trains increased on Oct. 8 by about 1 percent.

This translates into adults paying 2 cents more per ride when using EZ Link stored value cards. (This amount, however, is minuscule compared to the explosive increase in housing prices.)

On the same day of the hike, Singapore’s Circle Line also went into full swing plying 12 stations between Harbourfront and Caldecott.

Commenting on his experience taking the train when it started its commute on Saturday, Samuel Gan, a student, said with a poker face, “The air-con was like malfunctioning, because, like, one moment was like you are in the desert, and suddenly, in the other moment, you are in the Arctic.”

But there were others who wouldn’t let the temperature get to their heads.

Jay Tan, a trainspotter, said he didn’t want to miss the early morning commuting action.

The 23-year-old self-professed trainspotter, a slang for “train enthusiast” who spends his free time watching, riding and getting off (to) public transportation, said: “I am too excited, could not sleep last night. I want to board the first train.”

He is also into public transport voyeurism. Tan said, “I also like to board the bus, take a bus photo at the bus stop, outside the bus interchange, doing bus spotting or trainspotting sometimes. Either the new train or the new buses, I like them very much”.

However, it is unknown how many times Tan was spotted and stopped by counter-terrorism patrol guards for taking photos of buses and trains.

Still on the topic of early morning commute which can sometimes get to people, reporter Dylan Loh who was covering the story, could not resist a shout-out to himself, which can be read in the subtext, as a shout-out to his bosses at Mediacorp for a raise.

Dylan said with a poker face too: “Well, I’m on one of the first trains out and it’s been a smooth journey so far. Very few people on board. I suspect because most would prefer sleeping in on a Saturday morning. But not reporters like me, my hardworking camera crew and, of course, a few train enthusiasts”.

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