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Mentos, The Freshmaker, wants S’poreans to copulate

Mentos, The Freshmaker, wants S’poreans to copulate

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Newly released video to cause more children, greater debt for parents.

Mentos, The Freshmaker, has released a video titled “Mentos National Night” in line with Singapore’s Aug. 9 National Day.

Calling the celebrations during National Day evening as “National Night”, the video wants Singaporeans to perform their “civic duty” by having sexy times after a culmination of passion and patriotism.

The chorus of the song goes: “It’s National Night/ Yeah/ So let’s make fireworks ignite.”

If it comes to pass, many Singaporean parents will be saddled with debt and children in nine months’ time.

The song also refers to a woman’s body as an electrical appliance, which will draw the ire of AWARE Singapore:

Industry insiders claim that Durex, The Sexmaker, is expected to hit back at The Freshmaker for this marketing stunt as this might cause a dip in their latex sales.

The song, however, has gone down well with Catholics, who frown on the use of contraceptives and the belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun.