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Donation-dependent website successfully harasses multi-billion-dollar MINDEF military organisation

Donation-dependent website successfully harasses multi-billion-dollar MINDEF military organisation

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Despite MINDEF’s tough exterior, they are still a sensitive new age military organisation deep down inside.


A local donation-dependent website, The Online Ciitzen, has been found by the Singapore court to have successfully harassed the Ministry of Defence, the multi-billion-dollar military organisation that serves as the first and last line of defence for the country.

This after the court granted the application by MINDEF under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) against Dr Ting Choon Meng and The Online Citizen.

MINDEF, an institution that is part of the country’s military-industrial complex, which took more than 40 years to build up, took exception to some statements made about it that are deemed false and have reportedly caused them to feel sad.

Defence analyst, Qu Da Zhang, said, this successful harassment of one of Singapore’s most tenacious institutions by a website run by volunteers who depend on public donations, reveal a number of interesting observations about MINDEF.

Qu said: “It is great to see that MINDEF, a multi-billion institution tasked with the all-important purpose of protecting Singapore’s sovereignty as a nation from the threats from abroad, feels harassed by a few statements from a donation-dependent website.”

“This signals to the world that Singapore’s defence force has an Achilles heel that can be exploited as it has feelings that can be exploited.”

“Future threats to our country could include the setting up of donation-funded websites based abroad that repeatedly make statements to hurt MINDEF’s feelings and cause them to feel harassed, while depriving them of any possible avenues for legal recourse as the United Nations will never entertain such complaints.”

“If exploited for maximum effect, this could cause MINDEF to feel wounded as their feelings are repeatedly hurt and eroded with allegations, which might cause the organisation to suffer depression and unable to function.”

“Then again, it could show that even though MINDEF has a tough exterior powered by balls and steel, deep down inside it is still a fuzzy ball of emotions and feelings.”

“MINDEF’s tough exterior and soft core really makes it out to be a Sensitive New Age Military Organisation (SNAMO).”


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