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PSLE students apologise to Khaw Boon Wan for making Downtown Line spoil, doing badly for exams

PSLE students apologise to Khaw Boon Wan for making Downtown Line spoil, doing badly for exams

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They accept full responsibility if their results are not good, fail to get good jobs in future.


Thousands of PSLE students from all walks of life, who rely on the public transport system to get them to their life-determining final examination venue on time because cars are for parents who are rich enough to drive, have come out to apologise to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

This after a dislodged platform door caused a two-hour disruption on the Downtown Line during the morning peak period on Oct. 4, when the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Science paper was scheduled to take place at 8.15am, as well as several examinations for GCE N-Level students.

One PSLE student, Buay Tak Chek, said he is sorry for not being able to do well for the exam having arrived at the exam venue flustered and barely making it on time: “I am sorry I am unable to make the Downtown Line work smoothly because I was inconsiderate enough to take the train with everyone else at the same time.”

“I am going to be a letdown to Singapore and her economy because my PSLE results will be affected, I cannot enter secondary school, can’t get into a local university and end up not being able to afford to study overseas.”

“With no degree, I doubt even SkillsFuture can save me next time.”

Other students said they must be blamed for their actions if there ever was a dearth of civil servants in 10 years’ time as a result of many of this current batch not doing well for their PSLE, and subsequently, won’t have a local degree and will not be considered for a government sector position.

Another student, Mei Qian Tu, said: “Students must be blamed for taking the MRT train at the same time in the morning. If we organised ourselves better by not taking the train at the same time, the MRT will not break down and our future will not be affected.”

“Our lack of good grades is our own doing and we will accept all consequences.”

“We would like to register our deep regret and sincere apologies to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.”

“Even as MRT lines keep breaking down, he must not feel that his 70 percent strong mandate is under any threat of wavering, because that is an issue below his pay scale.”

“We hope he will stay on as transport minister forever and not feel like he is to be blamed for anything.”

“Moreover, this is not a cross he should be willing to bear because the public is the one that takes the MRT regularly and makes it spoil, while he is never the cause of any problems because he seldom or never takes it at all.”







Commuters to get sneak preview of Downtown Line 2 breakdown at December open house

Commuters to get sneak preview of Downtown Line 2 breakdown at December open house

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This is to familiarise commuters of how to walk in new tunnels.

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Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take trains because breakdowns help to slow down their pace of life as things come to a crawl or standstill, will get a sneak preview of Downtown Line 2 breakdowns before the official opening on Dec. 27.

This is ahead of the predicted breakdowns of the newest MRT line in Singapore on a busy weekday in 2016, which will surely leave thousands upon thousands of people stranded in Singapore.

Travel on the Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) will be free on the day where the trains are going to break down in order to familiarise the public with new stations, new amenities and new inconveniences.

The 16.6km DTL2 will extend the scope of MRT breakdowns to areas such as Hillview, Beauty World and Rochor, while also including the six pre-existing Downtown Line stations.

The December Downtown Line open house is scheduled to feature breakdowns every hour. This will provide the public with the experience of walking through the underbelly of the Downtown Line, which will also promote Singaporean togetherness in the face of adversity.

The open house will also feature mascots of famous figures in Singapore’s transport history, such as Lui Tuck Yew and Mah Bow Tan. These mascots will host activities on board the stalled trains, lead passengers through DTL tunnels and console commuters in despair.

Commuter Boh Lui Lang said: “I felt very left out during the North-South East-West line breakdown this year, because there was no station near my house. Now DTL2 has finally allowed me to be part of this Singaporean tradition.”

Businessman Tan Ku Ku said: “While I was annoyed that the Downtown Line provided me with added convenience, it’s a relief that breakdowns on the new line will increase my travel time by at least 40 percent.”

Passengers at the DTL2 sneak preview are encouraged to post about their experiences on social media, under the hashtag #DeeplyConcerned.






S’poreans impressed Downtown Line only broke down three times in a week

S’poreans impressed Downtown Line only broke down three times in a week

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They got to enjoy scenic view of underbelly of Downtown Line.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life who cannot afford to buy a car are thanking the authorities.

This after the Downtown Line broke down for the third time in a week after it opened on Dec. 22.

Although it has been widely reported that the Downtown Line is currently down again for the second time, the fact is that it had broken down on Thursday afternoon for about 25 minutes, but the matter was not reported in the media and it was all hush-hush.

So today’s break down is, in fact, the third time.

But this has only made Singaporeans optimistic.

One local, See Baey Xian, said: “I am glad the Downtown Line is spoilt for the third time in a week. Imagine it breaks down seven or even eight times?”

Another Singaporean, Kan Fong Jing, said: “I am thankful for being given this opportunity to walk in the underbelly of the Downtown Line. It is a rare experience.”





New Downtown Line undergoes planned maintenance on first day of operations

New Downtown Line undergoes planned maintenance on first day of operations

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Trains were working just fine when PM Lee took it yesterday though.


The new Downtown Line 1 services underwent temporary planned maintenance on the first day of operations on Sunday.

SBS Transit said the planned maintenance occurred at about 12pm. The public is expected not to be alarmed as The Messiah is in custody.

The planned maintenance took place over 15 minutes.

Notices were put up at train stations all of a sudden informing commuters of the planned maintenance between Bugis and Chinatown stations.

One Singaporean, Mei Yun Qi, said: “First day planned maintenance is for auspicious reasons. Now planned maintenance, then no need planned maintenance so soon again.”

“Or can call the various religious leaders to bless the Downtown Line. But must have money back guarantee.”

“If not later like JEM mall like that.”





PM Lee finally realises how packed trains are in S’pore

PM Lee finally realises how packed trains are in S’pore


Expressionless look of disbelief on his face says it all.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Standing cheek by jowl while riding on the Downtown Line this morning, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong finally realised how pack MRT trains can get.

Standing directly behind PM Lee was a man with an arm raised and armpit exposed and standing right in front of him was another man with arm raised and armpit exposed.

This is the reality public transport commuting Singaporeans face daily.

Remarking on the expressionless look of resignation and disbelief on his face, See Baey Xian, one of the people riding the train with him, said: “I’m sure he has never experienced anything like this when he is driven around in his motorcade.”






Stop-work order implemented as karma comes full circle

Stop-work order implemented as karma comes full circle

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Downtown Line main contractor goes bust, construction halted at three stations.


The much-vaunted stop-work order — which many people inside the Internet have been demanding when the haze from Indonesia came to town but had been firmly resisted by the government — has finally come to pass.

The stop-work order was implemented after Alpine Bau GmbH, the main contractor of the Downtown Line Stage 2, went tits up and went bust.

As a result, work on three stations have been halted since Wednesday.

The stations affected are King Albert Park, Sixth Avenue, and Tan Kah Kee stations — notable because that’s where rich people reside and the last thing they need anyways, is public transportation.

This means the Downtown Line workers are all ba long long as they no longer have to go outdoors to slog it out and suck in soot and particulates even as PSI levels continue to be as high as Lindsay Lohan.

Singaporeans from all walks of life gave thanks to karma.

Orh Bi Goot, a Singaporean said: “Karma’s a bitch eh? Come back one full circle and piak your head.”