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2 in 10 S’poreans are rich douchebags

2 in 10 S’poreans are rich douchebags

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They just are.

Two in 10 Singaporeans are certified douchebags, a Land Transport Authority survey found.

This after 8 in 10 Singaporeans surveyed said they want certificates of entitlement (COE) to be recategorised because is is just too bloody expensive and unfair.

However, 2 in 10 Singaporeans did not have any objections to how COE is categorised and sold at the moment for exorbitant sums at all.

This means this group of individuals are rich douchebags who can afford anything.

Qiong Kwang Dan, a Singaporean man, said: “Steady lor, win already lor.”

A total of 3,700 respondents were surveyed by LTA. This makes the survey quite accurate in sampling Singaporeans as a whole.

So if you look around you, you can spot at least two douchebags in your vicinity.