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Douchebag driver is a douchebag

Douchebag driver is a douchebag

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Driver of SJL9216D, blue Honda Airwave, hogs lane, refuses to give way to ambulance.

A video that was allegedly shot on March 14 around 6 p.m. is making the rounds on Facebook.

It shows a blue Honda Airwave, whose driver is obviously a douchebag and thinks he is Gandalf, hogging the right most lane for a 3-km stretch and refusing to budge even when an emergency ambulance was frantically trying to pass.

1. The video early on shows clearly that car no. 1 that was in front of the Honda Airwave (labelled no. 2) was already trying to GTFO. Ambulance has red lights going off.

2. Ok, maybe the tunnel was a bit dark. But no, even when they exit the tunnel, douchebag Honda Airwave still refuses to signal left.

3. Oh look! Some space on the left! What does Honda Airwave say to emergency ambulance? “Nope, not today”. Ambulance proceeds to high beam.

4. Finally, after several minutes behind the douchebag, the ambulance cuts left to overtake the Honda Airwave. Ambulance driver is incensed at this point. Video footage clearly shows him, with windows down, gesticulating wildly and probably shouting “Fuck your mother!”.

If you’re pissed, do spread the word on Facebook. We don’t usually act as vigilante, but this is clearly too douchebag to give it a miss.

Check out the video for yourself:

And if you want to drive a goddamn car, learn how to use the damn steering wheel first.