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Singaporeans return malfunctioning maids in record numbers: Study

Singaporeans return malfunctioning maids in record numbers: Study

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Maids are not designed to carry Army field packs, yet observers notice that employers simply don't care.

Singaporeans are returning their malfunctioning domestic helpers back to the maid agencies in never-seen-before numbers, a study by the Ministry of Labor has revealed.

Since the beginning of last year, many of Singapore’s maid agencies have been beset by demands for a full refund or one-to-one exchange for their maids.

The study came out right after the government declared that maids would be given a mandatory day-off per week, starting from next year.

Marie Oliviero, founder of Slaves-for-Hire Agency, is exasperated by the demands, as it brings down the good repute of her company.

“Our clients are getting more exacting these days. They want maids with features like 24-hour wakefulness, superhuman strength, and the ability to generate breast milk instantly. The technology just isn’t there yet!” she laments, looking incredibly disheveled in her office at Lucky Plaza. Read the full story

Middle class: Realm of the living dead?

Middle class: Realm of the living dead?

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Struggling with rising costs and long working hours, some find hiring a domestic maid both a luxury and a necessity.

By Terence Lee

Babies are a luxury. Necessity? Well... Photo: ECohen

There’s been some debate going on about giving maids more compulsory days off, and getting employers to fork out the costs of doing so.

Here’s the current situation: A standard contract between a maid and employer recommends one day off per month, with compensation in-lieu of around S$20 per day off.

Now, the Singapore government’s Ministry of Manpower has proposed that maids be given four days off a month instead.

Some find this extravagant. Read the full story