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RWS to reuse same blog post template announcing dolphin’s death each time another one dies

RWS to reuse same blog post template announcing dolphin’s death each time another one dies

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There are 23 dolphins left so that means they can use it 23 more times until all the dolphins are dead.


Resorts World Sentosa will be reusing the same blog post template to announce the death of its dolphins over and over again as long as its dolphins in captivity keep dying, it has been revealed.

In a May 12, 2014 blog post by the Marine Life Park site, a blog maintained by RWS, it announced the death of Sharmila, a bottlenose dolphin, which was the fourth dolphin that died so far.

The post read:

We are extremely saddened by the passing of our dolphin, Sharmila.

Sharmila left us on 11 May 2014.

We are conducting tests to confirm the exact cause of death. Prior medical tests indicated that she was healthy.

We are closely monitoring all our animals, and as always, no effort or resources will be spared in ensuring the health and well-being of our dolphins at Dolphin Island.

We will provide further updates on this blogpost when available.

Previously, three dolphins linked to Marine Life Park called it a day abruptly.

In 2010, two dolphins meant for the park died in Langkawi due to a water-borne bacterial infection.

In November 2012, a third dolphin died on board a flight to Singapore.

Sha Dong Wu, a Singaporean, said this template is convenient and will come in handy as it can be easily copied and pasted in the next blog post to notify the public of the next dolphin death: “The message quite short. And no need to be accountable to anyone. Just say will have future updates but actually don’t have.”

After this fourth dolphin death, RWS will still be able to use the template another 23 more times.

Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter confesses…

Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter confesses…

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…to being an embarrassed omnivore.

This is a 60-second reduction of the original article that appeared in The Sunday Times on Jan. 29.

Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, Lee Wei Ling, is in a bind.

She considers dolphins to be “celebrity” animals with a lot of people rallying in protest against their capture for exhibition by Resorts World Sentosa.

She then wonders what makes dolphins more worthy of sympathy given that there are other “non-celebrity” animals that are subjected to cruel treatments without protest?

So, she recounted an incident about how she met a Jewish psychologist in the US. He was a vegetarian. He avoided meat but ate scallops.

She found it odd, and later discovered that he ate scallops because he felt no empathy for them. Unlike dolphins, scallops are not cute.

Following which, she also questions if Singaporeans who eat meat are aware of the cruel conditions of rearing and slaughtering animals for food.

She contends that farmed animals killed for dietary purposes suffer more than laboratory animals killed in the name of medical science as established ethics mandates that animals killed in laboratories are euthanised in the absence of other animals in the laboratory.

This makes animals that are awaiting slaughter less terrified.

So she cannot understand why are people protesting against the cruelty against laboratory animals and not against slaughterhouse animals.

But that’s not all.

She is aware that two of the 27 wild-caught dolphins from the Solomon Islands destined for Resorts World Sentosa have died in captivity.

In her mind, she thinks this practice is cruel but these dolphins caught for exhibition should not be released back to the wild again as they might have lost their survival skills and might be attacked by sharks or drown in rubbish dumped into oceans by men.

They, therefore, should be kept in captivity since these dolphins can make RWS some money.

However, she also objects to killing sharks for their fin as this causes sharks suffering.

Hence, she confesses to being hypocritical for condemning cruelty to animals and yet still eating meat.

So what’s her problem? She cannot survive with a diet free of meat and eggs and finds being a vegan unpalatable after a few days.

She also dreams of a future where meat can be reared painlessly in cell culture for dietary and medical needs.

For now she will remain an embarrassed omnivore.

Lee Wei Ling is the daughter of His Leeness, Lee Kuan Yew.


How you feel after reading her article:

Dolphin in captivity refuses to be freed

Dolphin in captivity refuses to be freed

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Efforts by conservationists to coax him into his natural habitat on the Solomon Islands fail. 

In a shocking evolutionary twist, the world's first talking dolphin also turned out to be gay

He was once hailed as a milestone of the dolphin evolutionary chain. Henry, as he was christened by his trainer, uttered his first word at age 1, squeaking a barely decipherable “Tiger” as he pointed his fin at the beverage his trainer was guzzling.

But conservationists were disappointed at his rejection of freedom yesterday, when Resorts World Sentosa finally caved in to years of dolphin activism by agreeing to release the most popular and intelligent of their dolphins.

Instead of leaping out into the sea, Henry swam back to his mates and proceeded to play with a soccer ball floating at the corner of his pool.

“Look, the sea stinks,” he told journalists after some coaxing and a serving of ikan bilis. “Solomon Islands? They hunt dolphins there and you want to send me back? What the hell is wrong with you people?”

Repeated prodding and coaxing from activists only incited a short spray of water from his blowhole which he later explained, was the dolphin equivalent of “piss off”.

“It’s touching how dolphins will refuse to leave their mates behind,” remarked an activist. “But at the same time, long-term captivity has altered Henry’s behavior so much that he’s completely reliant on his trainer for food. And beer? I’m a vegan – even I don’t drink that toxic stuff. Real dolphins only eat organic food and definitely not chips and alcohol.”

Ex-flipper trainer turned dolphin activist Ric O’Barry said marine parks “run a risky business” and rebunked research claims, saying, “Their behavior is radically altered, and you can’t keep them mentally healthy. As for research, the dolphins at SeaWorld don’t represent real dolphins any more than Mickey Mouse represents a real mouse.”

Henry the dolphin has attracted much media attention for being the first talking dolphin in the world and made the headlines last week again with a revelation that he was in a gay relationship with a pink dolphin named Charles.