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S’poreans to protest against lawyers, doctors who are too expensive

S’poreans to protest against lawyers, doctors who are too expensive

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Hong Lim Park rally to be called #ReturnOurFees.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are sick and tired of paying for exorbitant doctor and lawyer bills, are taking things to Hong Lim Park this weekend to protest against doctors and lawyers that charge very expensive prices.

This after it was revealed that the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) lawyers engaged to fight Dr Susan Lim, who was found guilty by SMC for overcharging a patient, had overcharged Dr Lim.

One of the SMC lawyers is Senior Counsel Alvin Yeo, a PAP MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC.

One Singaporean, Kwa Nor Koon, said: “So now who is going to investigate the overcharging lawyers? Is there a law equivalent of the Singapore Medical Council? Why is the Law Society silent? I thought all lawyers very talkative and argumentative one?”

Other Singaporeans said more has to be done to bring doctors and lawyers back to reality.

Another Singaporean, Mei You Qian, said: “Who is going to take action against overcharging lawyers?”

“Is the Law Society toothless? This case has sullied the reputation of all doctors and lawyers.”

At press time, ordinary Singaporeans said they are contemplating forming their own citizens’ committee to investigate the matter.


In Singapore, teenagers drinking is a crime but lawyers overcharging is not:

Team S’pore athletes reminded they must never drink, have sex ever again