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S’poreans tell The Real Singapore editors: ‘We’ve got freedom of speech & freedom of compassion’

S’poreans tell The Real Singapore editors: ‘We’ve got freedom of speech & freedom of compassion’

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But you want freedom of speech? Ok, here’s your freedom of speech.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who are allergic to bullshit have come out strongly to send a message to the two The Real Singapore editors, 26-year-old Singaporean Yang Kaiheng and 24-year-old Australian Ai Takagi.

This after Yang, who was revealed to be a Singaporean holding on to Australian Permanent Residency status, had his application to leave Singapore for Australia approved by the Singapore courts on compassionate grounds.

One Singaporean, Nina Gan, said Singapore has shown exceptional tolerance for the duo’s antics over the years, especially now: “For all of his whinging and bitching about Singapore, comparing us to North Korea or some dictatorship, the courts and judge here still showed him sympathy to return to Australia to visit his ailing father, even though he is deemed a grave flight risk.”

“This just goes to show that at the end of the day, Singapore has freedom of compassion.”

“Actually, come to think about it, Singapore also has freedom of speech too. This is something The Real Singapore likes to go on and on about, having the right to air your views?”

“Well, since they want freedom of speech, here’s proof that Singapore has freedom of speech. This is how freedom of speech looks like visually, thank you very much.”



No more The Real Singapore means we cannot access stupid anymore:

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FARTS, TURDS, DICKS a threat to national defence

FARTS, TURDS, DICKS a threat to national defence

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Singaporeans point Defence Minister to other fault lines.


Singaporeans from all walks of life and with varying abilities to acronymise, said they are more afraid that FARTS, TURDS, FAPS and DICKS will cause disunity and Singapore to weaken.

This after Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said DRUMS (Distortions, Rumours, Untruths, Misinformation and Smears) could spread far and wide from the Internet and even cause confusion and chaos in Singapore.

One Singaporean, Fang Cho Pi, said he was afraid of FARTS (Fraudulent Activities, Rumours Threats and Sedition) for a few reasons: “FARTS can come out of nowhere and engulf us, leading us to grasp for the truth.”

And if this was not bad enough, wait till we experience the follow-through that happens next.

Cho Ta Pian, a local, said FARTS might not be the end of it: “I am afraid of TURDS (Threats Untruths Rumours Distortions and Smears) as they might be hurled our way and it will be hard to clean up after that.”

And imagine if it all got worse.

Jin Tua Kee, said the most troubling aspect of all is when we have a full-frontal confrontation: “I am afraid we might just swallow DICKS (Disturbing Incriminations Crippling Knowledge Systems) whole without questioning.”

Acronym 101

1. Fraudulent Activities, Rumours Threats and Sedition (FARTS)
2. Threats Untruths Rumours Distortions and Smears (TURDS)
3. Disturbing Incriminations Crippling Knowledge Systems (DICKS)

These acronyms are part of a full list stolen from Mr Brown.