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Reader says Temasek Review Emeritus deserves to be sued

Reader says Temasek Review Emeritus deserves to be sued

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Dear New Nation editor,

I’m outraged that Singaporeans such as those running the Temasek Review Emeritus (TRE) website are making baseless claims about the meritocratic nature of our honorable government.

I especially take issue with the recent post in which one out of the seven short paragraphs was dedicated to slandering the CEO of one of our two sovereign wealth funds, Temasek Holdings.

In it, the TRE contributor suggests that Mdm Ho Ching became the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings for nepotistic reasons.

Mdm Ho’s husband’s lawyer, Mr Davinder Singh, then sent a letter, rightly so, demanding an apology from TRE as the allegations concern the integrity of his client, the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong.

The post is obviously a false, baseless and malicious series of claims made by an unpatriotic citizen who doesn’t appreciate what the government has done for us all these years.

PM Lee, being the son of the esteemed former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, has high standards for his partner. It is little wonder that he would pick the capable Mdm Ho Ching as his wife and even less wonder that she was chosen as the head of the nation’s sovereign wealth fund based on talent alone.

When Mr S. Dhanabalan, a former cabinet minister under Lee Kuan Yew, was looking for a head for Temasek Holdings, it wasn’t the fact that Mdm Ho was the daughter-in-law of his former boss that made him decide on her.

It was Dhanabalan’s ability to modify Temasek’s executive committee to allow Ho to report to him, and not the Prime Minister, that allowed the PM to diminish his discomfort with having Ho as the head of the fund.

And Ho’s brilliance subsequently blew her competition all away.

Phillip Goodyear, former head of mining giant BHP Billiton, for example, lasted merely a few months before giving up.

The author of the TRE article cites Mr Koh Boon Hwee, former chairman of DBS Bank as a potential candidate who was overlooked. He says that he knows of only ONE thing that Ho did better than Mr Koh.

Because he did not specify what this ONE thing is, I can only surmise that Ho was picked because her name was shorter.

And therefore a cost saver when they have to print name tags.

Or maybe Mr Koh didn’t apply for the job.

Anyway, I urge the Singapore government to take such allegations of nepotism very seriously.

All members of the Lee family have been appointed to their positions by merit alone – our current Prime Minister earned his stripes in the 2006 elections with a 66.1% approval rate, and then with a 69.3% approval rate last year as he battled it out with an opposition team consisting of two kids members below the age of 25.

The government works hard to keep this vulnerable island from falling to pieces.

Editors of TRE should be ashamed of themselves and should be sued to prevent other websites from making similar baseless allegations.