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S’poreans react to PAP candidate Desmond Choo saying Everton Football Club inspired him to remain in politics

S’poreans react to PAP candidate Desmond Choo saying Everton Football Club inspired him to remain in politics

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


Desmond Choo, PAP candidate for Tampines GRC — who previously lost consecutively in Hougang SMC against the Workers’ Party candidates — said in a video interview that it was Everton Football Club that inspired him to remain in politics.

The fighting spirit of the club is supposedly a source of inspiration.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “He should be joining Everton then, not PAP.”
Tak Kiu, 44-year-old sports apparel printer


sian-half-uncle “He does realise his narrative is incoherent because Everton is an underdog team and wears blue, right?”
Man See Tee, 61-year-old bookie


happy-bird-girl “If it takes football to inspire him to stay in politics, I wonder what exactly would move him to serve the people.”
Jin Kum Gong, 18-year-old sports therapist










Hougang residents look forward to PAP’s Desmond Choo running again in SMC as he’ll always be there for them

Hougang residents look forward to PAP’s Desmond Choo running again in SMC as he’ll always be there for them


He is a man of his word and will be there forever, unlike some Son of Punggol who quits when the going gets tough.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Hougang single-member constituency residents from all walks of life, who like faithfulness in their politicians and men who know how to keep their word, said they look forward to PAP candidate Desmond Choo running in their ward again in the upcoming General Election 2015.

This after the Hougang residents mused out loud that they miss the PAP man who pledged to be always here for you during the May 26, 2012 by-election.

In that electoral battle, Choo garnered 38 percent of votes, doing slightly better than his GE2011 performance where he managed only about 35 percent.

One Hougang resident, Zho Hao Lam, said even though Choo lost terribly, he still fondly remembers him from GE2011 and the BE2012: “I still remember two days before the by-election polling day, he cried during his rally because he loves us Hougang residents so much.”

“He said he will give us his heart, his soul and his very essence and being just to be our representative in parliament.”

“As a man, I have never felt so touched by another man before.”

“But I still voted for Workers’ Party’s Png Eng Huat because he is even more sincere.”

Other Hougang residents said their confidence and belief that Choo is unlike some other prodigal Son of Punggol who pledged to be there but in the end leave for greener pastures, will bring him back to contest in Hougang again in GE2015.

Another resident, Lew Yan Lei, said: “Desmond Choo will forever be an Hougang man. He is unlike some Son of Punggol who end up running in Ang Mo Kio GRC.”

“I believe Desmond Choo is a man of his word. Since he said he will always be here for us, means he will always be here for us.”

“If he decides to be geographically promiscuous as well and contest elsewhere, the whole of Singapore and future generations of Singaporeans will hold him, his family and political party accountable.”

“Then Singaporeans will also know that what the PAP and their candidates say are all just lip service because it is so difficult for them to keep their word.”

“Like Khaw Boon Wan, say one thing but do another.”

“But we know Desmond Choo is different.”






No political intentions: New Nation

No political intentions: New Nation

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The Rotary Club is taking the same stance as New Nation, which aims to be apolitical.

By Teo Chew Lang

The Straits Times article on May 29, 2012 about how The Rotary Club wants to be apolitical.

The Rotary Club of Singapore raised eyebrows last week when it said it would raise $100,000 to support a toilet-building scheme spearheaded by PAP’s Desmond Choo.

The timing of that announcement, made during the heat of the Hougang by-election campaign, led some to question if there was any ulterior motive involved.

However, the club’s president, Kumar Tapan Rao, has since publicly dismissed the suggestion that pledging the $100,000 support was linked to political intentions.

He said, according to an article in The Straits Times on May 29, 2012: “The Rotary Club is not making any donation to any political party. We are raising funds for a project to help the elderly in Singapore.”

Tapan Rao also added that the political dimension had not crossed his mind, and he had never met Desmond Choo before.

“At the end of the day, if we can get a new toilet for one old lady, I am honoured and gratified,” he said.

This stand is coincidentally and uncannily similar to the one taken by New Nation.

New Nation editor, Belmont Lay, said: “New Nation is not making any donation to any political party. We are not even raising funds for any project.”

He also added: “The political dimension had never really crossed my mind, primarily because, all the editors are broke. And inflation is already too high. If I had $100,000, I would pay off my student loan.”

Lay also said it was never in his intention to whack any party and he had never met Desmond Choo before.

“At the end of the day, if we can get some LOLs for just one old lady who reads us, I am honoured and gratified,” Lay said, not sarcastically.

Crying increased Desmond Choo’s votes by 3 percent

Crying increased Desmond Choo’s votes by 3 percent

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His last-ditch attempt to salvage poorly-managed by-election campaign pays off. Slightly.

By Teo Chew Lang

What is sexier than a man who can cook and clean the house with only a towel wrapped around his waist?

A man who can weep openly in public.

At his final rally on May 24 held two days before Polling Day, PAP’s Hougang by-election candidate, Desmond Choo, turned on the tap and let the salty juices flow, apparently overwhelmed by emo-ness.

The result?

Desmond managed to swing some voters over to his end as he garnered 38 percent of votes this by-election, doing slightly better than his GE2011 performance where he managed only about 35 percent.

Both results, however, lets him go down in history as one of PAP’s worst-performing candidates, where fielding a cactus might have resulted in the same number of votes. Or more.

But was it a calculated move to win votes by crying in public?

AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction) founder, Akshun Bayday, said: “Women like men who show facial expression. And women especially like men who can spontaneously shed a tear almost on cue. I’ve tried it on numerous occasions, and women just want to be a mother to you when they see you tear.”

As PAP’s No. 2 auntie-killer after Baey Yam Keng, there is speculation that Desmond won the hearts of some single, middle-aged, Korean-drama-watching women, who are one of the main swing voters in Hougang, an SMC that has approximately 23,000 voters.

One such lady, Ms. Tan, said after the by-election results were announced: “Desmond is the man of my dreams. When he wears his PAP all-white uniform, he reminds of the son I never had who one day will enter Raffles Institution. But I’ll still take Baey Yam Keng any day.”

Research has shown that the correlation between men who cry in public and their respective popularity is strong.

For the record, men who have wept openly in public include Jesus and Lee Kuan Yew.






WP fails to convince voters about honesty

WP fails to convince voters about honesty

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by A PAP supporter

I know I’ll get flamed for this, so I’m keeping myself anonymous from the trolls for now.

Our nation has been polarised by politics since the Hougang elections began. I hate that I have an opinion and a party I support. And I hate the people who hate me for loving the ruling party.

Yes, you heard right. I wish I was apathetic, because I can no longer speak my opinion without my fellow Singaporeans judging me, and without me thinking less of them when they don’t agree with how I validate my opinion.

Sounds confusing right? Yes, I wish the world was simple and everyone loved each other. Or if everyone just loved the PAP. Like me.

I don’t understand why people hate the ruling party so much. PAP has done so much for us over the years. Without the PAP, Singapore would not have emerged as the world’s foremost sports city from a sleepy little fishing village when Stamford Raffles arrived.

The WP on the other hand, has done nothing except make noise. Has any WP member ever served as Minister before? No. And this year we’ve learnt that they are a dishonest bunch as well.

Yaw Shin Leong NEVER came clean about his affair with the lady from his party, and Png Eng Huat first said he took out his name from the NCMP candidate list, then he said he didn’t, and made up some lame excuse about party protocol.

Lie means lie. Ok? Maybe coming clean might score you more points.

If we elect a dishonest person, AND let a dishonest party win 20% more share in parliament, this will only mean we’re down a slippery slope towards accepting corruption. First you lie about a small thing like NCMP candidacy, what next? You’ll lie about siphoning money from the national coffers.

We must be vigilant about men like this. The PAP took great pains to develop the nation and it is our responsibility, the people’s responsibility to make sure it stays together. We should never take the PAP’s rule for granted.

All that jeering during the WP rally, and all that online (misspelled) noise about DPM Teo speaks very lowly of WP supporters. Use your brain!  PM Teo had simply laid out these facts before the public. It is for the Hougang voters to reflect on what happened, and decide which candidate is better for Hougang.

Hougang does not belong to the WP, it belongs to Hougang’s residents. I hope they make the right choice and pick the candidate that has the most resources to serve your needs, and one with a clean track record.

Now the people of Hougang have a chance to make a fresh start, to vote in a PAP candidate who will work with the government to improve their lives. I hope Hougang voters seize this chance.

PAP Hougang candidate Desmond Choo blames Diablo 3 for poor rally turnout

PAP Hougang candidate Desmond Choo blames Diablo 3 for poor rally turnout

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By Olbaid Tan

Fresh from his first by-election rally in Hougang, which had a disappointing turnout estimated at less than a thousand, PAP candidate Desmond ‘Baby Face’ Choo seemed calm.

Until he heard the reason why some of his supporters failed to turn up. Prior to the rally, he sent out a mass SMS exhorting his buddies to show up and cheer for him.

They never responded.

Shrugging it off, he went on stage to deliver his speech.

“I’m furious,” he says, showing this reporter his iPhone, “many of my buddies were too busy playing Diablo 3 to bother coming for the rally.” Read the full story

Pre-election punditry in Hougang

Pre-election punditry in Hougang

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By Fang Shihan

The battle has begun. Nomination Day for the last opposition stronghold has been set on the 16th of May and polling day, on the 26th of May.

That gives us about two weeks to analyse and poke fun of two people, more than we’re normally respectfully allowed to.

And you thought political humor would only work in 2011.

Candidate 1:

First thing that strikes you about Desmond is his surprising lack of jack-assishness. No seriously, this guy, aged 33 is handsome, and earnest. Too earnest in fact, as seen in his first video appearance since the announcement of the by-elections. Is it just me or does his wide-eyed enthusiasm to serve Hougang seem…..scripted?

Desmond is a deputy director with the Industrial Relations Unit at National Trades Union Congress.
As a recently seasoned candidate having fought in the 2011 GE (and lost by a humiliating margin, registering only 35.2% of the vote), Desmond now has the advantage over the other candidate for being a known face in the constituency. He claims to have worked his butt off in the past 15 months as the Second Advisor to Hougang Grassroots Organisations, and claims to have connected with many people through weekly coffee sessions and regular house visits.
Now whether he should have buggered off a lost election is another question, but it seems that sticking around like a wart has paid off.

Since he began working in the shadows of Hougang after GE 2011, he has launched a Job Hub to help residents find jobs, tied up with a temple to provide free Teochew porridge, and gave out free hearing aids to the elderly. And on the 10th of May, he launched a monthly free legal clinic starting on May 15, helmed by scary looking veteran criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan and a team of lawyers.

In a strange twist of fate, it seems that Desmond will have to play the opposition in Hougang now, which has been run by the Worker’s Party for the last 21 years.

Does he have a proven track record in Hougang? No. Can he guarantee that Hougang will remain as stabile and united as the constituency has been Low Thia Khiang? No. What are his plans for Hougang? Probably — like other PAP candidates in opposition strongholds — he has a ton of PAP cash to splash on infrastructure upgrading. Do residents in the PAP-declared ‘slums’ of Hougang care about cash from the ruling party? Probably not.

Desmond is adamant about wanting a clean, fair election. And he looks honest, so I’ll take his word for it. It could however, be tempting for the campaign week to degenerate into a mud slinging competition given the dirt behind Yaw Shin Leong that was the cause for the by-election in the first place.

Verdict: I’m actually quite optimistic on his chances of surviving this fight with his face intact. While he has the disadvantage of being from a party that has done some injustice to Hougang, Desmond possesses a charm and, well, take-me-home-to-your-mum earnestness that will earn him some political credit from the elderly and less politically inclined in the constituency. In fact, I’ll hazard a guess that he should have been a shoo-in, if only he joined the right party.

Prediction: 45% of the vote. Assuming no one from the PAP tells Hougang to repent if they don’t vote for the PAP.

Candidate 2:


The first thing you notice about his facebook page is the way he spelt his name IN BLOODY CAPS. Maybe he’s appealing to the less visually equipped elderly? Or the short sighted nerd population? I don’t know. But besides the weird white bird on his timeline (pang pei ki…geddit? geddit? haha.), one crucial advantage he has over his better looking opponent is the sheer amount of online support that the Worker’s Party has. Few know who the heck Png Eng Huat is, but since Friday night 11 May, he’s already garnered 926 facebook likes. That’s almost twice as many as Desmond Choo, who for all his ass-busting in the constituency, has only mustered 560 likes on his fan page.

That’s saying something. If you don’t really know who the guy is, but you like his page anyway. I sure didn’t know who he is, and I covered the GE last year.

Upon some googling, I found out that Mr Png too, is a veteran of the GE 2011. He joined the WP in 2006 and stood in East Coast GRC last year together with better known faces like Gerald Giam (now an NCMP) and Glenda Han, previously known as the hot chick of the opposition until Nicole Seah came along. The team did respectably well, garnering 45.17% of the vote.

He’s not too bad on video too, judging by this little slip from campaign season last year.

Unlike Desmond Choo, Png has almost no personal presence in Hougang, having been put in charge of the party’s grassroots arm only in February after former MP Yaw Shin Leong was expelled for not coming clean on his alleged extramarital affairs. (Btw, I still stand by my stance that no one should care if he screwed a goat).

But, like other PAP candidates in single member wards, he does have the backing of a party that has a two-decade long track record in Hougang. Having the WP back you in Hougang is like Eminem endorsing your upcoming rap album — it’s likely that you’re going to hit the top 20 charts. It’s all about street cred when it comes to opposition politics. And the WP is possibly, the most badass of them all.

Does he have a proven track record in Hougang? No. Can he guarantee that Hougang will remain as stabile and united as the constituency has been Low Thia Khiang? Probably. After the Yaw Shin Leong case, there’s a high chance that Low the boss will be keeping a closer eye on Hougang. What are his plans for Hougang? Probably continuing the work that Low Thia Khiang has started. And that, was what people voted for in GE 2011.

Verdict: It’ll be a close fight. Png does not have to be terribly charismatic. Nor does he have to promise huge government policy changes. It is, after all, a local election. All he has to do is to play the uncle card, give a few good speeches in Teochew, and he’s probably going to win. But he will have to keep Desmond Choo at bay — the younger candidate will try very VERY hard to get under his skin and may even be hoping that he slips up.

Prediction: 55% of the vote. Assuming the Worker’s Party has no other skeletons in its closet.

You Don’t Say, Tharman Shanmugaratnam

You Don’t Say, Tharman Shanmugaratnam

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And why the reporter who produced this piece ought to be kicked.

This is a news report by Today that was just released:


Take a look at that quote attributed to Tharman Shanmugaratnam:

Now breathe deeply…


Hey reporter! Your indirect quoting is shit! Plus, there is a typo in there somewhere!


Piping hot candidates roll off the PAP assembly line

Piping hot candidates roll off the PAP assembly line

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Men in White maintain consistency and quality control with new products politicians.

By Fang Shihan

Photo: Straits Times, PAP

THE stale smell of pre-election fever wafts in the air. Voters stand patiently in line for their turn at the menu while the state propaganda machine revs into motion.

“Desmond Choo! Ong Ye Kung! Janil Puthucheary! New! Fresh! Hot! Just out of the fryer! Only 1 serving each, special offer!”

Like any self-respecting McDonald’s outlet, the PAP takes great pride in maintaining consistency and quality control in terms of policies, ideology and of course, its politicians. Order a pack of fries anywhere around the world and chances are, they’ll look, taste and smell exactly the same.

A winning formula that must be replicated repeatedly. Because customers return only for the exact same experience they’ve had before. As the old PAP adage goes: “You must love us. Otherwise why would we get re-elected time and time again?”

How about: “We don’t really like you that much, but you’re the lesser of two evils”.

Fast food outlets dominate the F&B industry in lower-income neighbourhoods because it’s relatively inexpensive and satiates hungry workers quickly, giving a temporary energy high.

Likewise, the 45-year reign of the PAP has been based upon a guarantee that the PAP candidate will be the safer, less politically expensive choice (he won’t take risks with policy or potentially give you a suckerpunch out of the blue). The intentionally designed 9-day campaigning period also provides a temporary rush of free choice or even chaos, satiating a growing call for freedom of expression.

Such long reigns, especially with a quickly evolving population and landscape such as Singapore, are usually difficult to maintain. However the PAP has done it remarkably well. Not by oppression or by quickly adapting to a changing environment, but by having a good marketing department.

The ruling party claims that the new candidates offer new voices and more diversity. It also claims a willingness to adapt to the times.

McDonald’s supports a healthy lifestyle too.

Let’s see how much diversity the three newbies provide.

Desmond Choo, Ong Ye Kung and Janil Puthucheary have emerged from labour, labour, and in labour respectively. Maybe give Janil extra labour points for working in KK women’s hospital, in addition to being the son of a formerly detained Barisan Sosialis politician.

The PAP’s merely maintaining the stuff that got them elected in the first place. It was a winning formula after all.

They all score points for being more leftist than the current PAP.

And boy does the Straits Times know how to play it up.

“In what is believed to be the first, two are sons of former leftist politicians… They were keen to stress that despite being on the wrong side of history, their fathers supported them fully in joining the PAP”. Ye Kung is the other second-gen leftist.

Pray tell. How does this make them different from any other pseudo-leftist PAP politician? Oh wait. They’re hardcore labour because they have a bloodline to boast about. Really?

Let’s do a quick comparison with the PAP man most criticised for being overly ‘capitalist’ – Mr Mah you-made-HDBs-unaffordable Bow Tan. Mah started his career at the Singapore Bus Service and was also formerly Chairman of NTUC Comfort (1983–86) and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Singapore Institute of Labour Studies (1990–2002). Oh dear, it seems that even the most ‘right’ of the ruling party is… left!

Perhaps in the event of factionalism, the PAP would split into: left, lefterer and lefterest.

To be fair, there are some differences between these 3 guys and the rest of Team White. Desmond Choo, clearly playing in response to opposition accusations that the PAP doesn’t care for the poor, plays Santa Claus by advocating more help for the underprivileged. Unlike previous brave men who have ventured into Hougang and emerged pants down, he attempts to out-teochew, out-chinese-ed Low This Khiang.

Oh, and he tears up during the interview with ST too. What a nice boy and what a drastic change to the cold uncompassionate image of the PAP.

It’s all about the image. The product doesn’t ever change. Like how McDonald’s claims it’s adding diversity and nutrition into its meals by selling apple slices with caramel dip. Or worse, the revolutionary chipotle shaker fries.

As the old saying goes: All the same kuan one (kuan can be replaced with ‘pattern’).

Some food for thought: should consistency, quality control and replication be condemned? Voters at the ballot box need to choose between clearly differentiated parties with different identities and values. The PAP’s merely maintaining the stuff that got them elected in the first place. It was a winning formula after all.

More New Nation content on GE2011 here.